Why The Majority of Americans Prefer Cremation Over Funeral?

Why The Majority of Americans Prefer Cremation Over Funeral?

Today, more Americans are choosing cremation over funerals. This dramatic shift in funeral choices has been attributed to many factors like the increasing eco-consciousness among consumers and people donating their bodies to science.

A new report published in 2020 by the National Funeral Directors Association states that nearly more than half of US residents choose to be cremated rather than buried the traditional casket way.

According to the report, nearly 56% of funerals in the US in 2020 involved cremations. This is a notable 8.1% increase from the 47.9%  cremations rate in 2015 and a 15.6% increase from the approximated 40.4% rate in 2010.

The report further projects that cremations will surge to 69.5% by 2030 and approximately 78.4% by 2040. So, what has attributed to this drastic shift in burial preferences?

Why The Majority of Americans Prefer Cremation Over Funeral?

Cremation Denotes Reverence

Although a very common way of disposition after death, cremation is still a mystery to most people. For some, cremation is not just 'setting fire to the body.' There's more to that, and many believe that cremation symbolizes reverence.

Comparably, people who prefer traditional burying over cremation argue that cremation hurries the death process, and the body is reduced to cremated remains within the shortest time. Tradition burying allows the body to decompose slowly and naturally.

Cremations Are Cheaper And Simpler

Traditional burying requires embalming, which involves preserving the dead human body by treating it. Embalming costs range from $500-$700, and sometimes these costs can shoot higher. Direct cremations do not require embalming, and they don't necessarily need a casket.

Besides, cremation is more straightforward, and you don't require ground space. In addition, funeral homes Tulsa Ok ensure convenience and availability of affordable cremation services. Nonetheless, cremation and burying are both considered safe and accepted ways of dealing with a corpse.

Cremation Offers More Flexibility

Nowadays, different events and opportunities have caused families and loved ones to split up and live far from their roots. Cremation offers flexibility when it comes to memorizing a loved one, unlike burying them in the cemetery. For instance,  cremation Dallas tx is reported to be on the rise due to relocation trends, as people move to various suburbs or other cities for school, work, relationships, etc.

Once cremated, the family members can easily transport the remains and decide what to do with them, including storing them in a cremation urn, scattering them into the air, floating them on water, or even displaying them on a shelf.

Technological and Social Advancements

Rapid industrialization has resulted in a demand for more housing and manufacturing facilities such as factories. Essentially, most land space has been consumed to establish urban areas. This means that there is limited space for graveyards and cemeteries. Yet, burying dead bodies too close to the earth's surface is a public health concern.

In addition, the recent advancements in technology have created better cremation equipment that reduces the deceased person into basic elements within three or fewer hours.

Nevertheless, cremation is associated with various health concerns like the toxins released into the air and the emission of tons of carbon dioxide.

Please note that cremation is an irreversible process when you spot coffins for sale and make the process. Before deciding on what to do with your body once you die, take your time to make up your mind and be certain whether you want to be cremated or buried.

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