How Solar Power Will Make Los Angeles A Green City?

How Solar Power Will Make Los Angeles A Green City?

In the last decade, Los Angeles has seen its share of green initiatives. The city has implemented plans to convert all street lighting to LED bulbs and is adding more electric car charging stations throughout the city. In 2020, the Los Angeles City Council issued a directive to install solar panels on all new homes built in the city.

This year, Mayor Eric Garcetti signed an executive order designating solar sites throughout Los Angeles, which will help L.A. reach its goal of producing 1 gigawatt (G.W.) of solar energy in 10 years. Mayor Garcetti has announced his intention to convert Los Angeles into a 100% renewable-energy-powered city by 2050.

Los Angeles is experiencing a paradigm shift in how it receives its energy. Over the last few years, California residents have been increasingly turning to solar power companies to obtain their electricity. In 2016, the state of California set a record for solar power by generating enough electricity to meet 14% of the state's energy needs. Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in California. It has taken significant steps towards making solar Los Angeles initiatives a priority within its government and civilians.

Here are some ways solar power will make Los Angeles a green city:

Solar energy will reduce emissions

Solar power reduces pollution in different ways. Solar panels produce no greenhouse gases at all, so they're cleaner than fossil fuels. Traditional power plants produce harmful gases that contribute to smog and acid rain. These emissions contribute negatively to the environment and health of people that live nearby. In fact, solar power is so clean that it's 100 percent green energy.

California gets about half of its electricity from coal-fired plants located across the country. Solar Los Angeles will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released by those plants and make the world a cleaner place for everyone.

Solar energy is a renewable resource

Solar panels are a clean source of energy that won't run out like fossil fuels like oil and natural gas do. They can last as long as 30 years without losing any efficiency. Additionally, solar energy doesn't produce any harmful byproducts or hazardous waste during their use like other types of fuel do. That makes them an attractive option for environmentalists concerned about pollution and global warming issues.

Energy efficiency programs

Solar power is a clean energy source that can reduce the city's carbon footprint and costs for residents. The City Council last year approved a plan to install solar panels on 15 percent of its parking structures, which will create more than 20 megawatts of electricity. That will be enough to power 8,500 homes, according to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

LADWP has partnered with many different companies to create incentives for people to switch to solar power. Incentives include discounts on new equipment and even free installation of solar panels if you sign up early enough. Other companies have set up programs that allow homeowners to pay off the cost of their solar power with their monthly bills. Many people who live in Los Angeles are switching to solar energy because it helps them save money in the long run, but it also helps them reduce their carbon footprint.

The bottom line

The United States is among the countries with the highest solar power potential globally. With such a tremendous opportunity in renewable energy of all forms, Los Angeles may be greener than many think. Considering the rise of renewable energy, solar Los Angeles can significantly contribute to this global effort.

With many cities beginning to test the waters of renewable sources, we are sure to see significant advancements in clean energy incentives soon. Los Angeles is just the first in a wave of cities adopting solar power.

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