Accumulators vs Singles. What’s Best For Football Betting?

Accumulators vs Singles. What’s Best For Football Betting?

Many seasoned punters believe that betting on football matches is the best form of sports betting since bookmakers almost always provide tremendous football markets with a great variety of wagers. The massive benefit of football betting is that this sports discipline fits for both total newbies and experienced bettors alike.
This article reviews accumulators and singles and determines which bets work for football betting best! But before that to get the best online basketball betting options look for trang cá cược bóng đá uy tín thenyic.


Until you can’t be sure about your betting strategy, you probably want to keep things simple. Without any doubt, the easiest way to achieve this goal is to start with simple bets. That’s why we’d like to start with the most straightforward punts — single bets or singles!

Such bets consist of the only selection, implying that you can earn some money by predicting only one outcome. Whether you won or lost depends only on the scores of the only game. Therefore, if you manage to predict the match outcome correctly, you will instantly get your winnings. Easy-breezy!

In contrast to accumulator bets, singles have higher chances of success. So, if your task is to generate profits over the long term, it might be reasonable to opt for betting on single selections.

It’s not tricky to explain how singles work. Imagine a match between Chelsea and Manchester United, in which the Blues come as the favourite. The betting odds for Chelsea to beat the Red Devils are 2.15. The correct prediction for the Blues will allow you to get 21 500 nairas from the initial stake of 10 000 nairas.

One aspect about singles that pushes capers away is that such bets deliver smaller returns in comparison with profits you might get with winning accumulators. Now, let’s explore accumulators!


The accumulator bets or parlays are widespread as such wagers provide sports fans with an opportunity to get high winnings and a great deal of entertainment. Accumulators consist of two or more selections, implying that you can wager on multiple games at once. However, such bets are sometimes tricky to convert into cash as a parlay will guarantee a profit only when all its constituent selections are correct.

Many capers bypass «accas» because they think such bets are almost always harder to hit when compared with bets consisting of the only selection. Of course, it’s not easy to predict three or even ten matches results, especially if they come with tempting betting odds. With that, many pundits would argue that parlays are much more advantageous as long as they are collected accurately. High payouts make the difference!

One of the most significant benefits of accumulators is that they deliver substantial returns even if the punter makes small stakes. Let’s imagine that you want to place an acca bet on five selections with betting odds of 8.00 and a stake of 1000 NGN. If all pieces of your parlay win, you get a payout of 8 000 nairas. Not bad!

To know the total betting odds of the parlay, it’s necessary to multiply the odds of all selections contained in it. The more matches constitute your parlay, the higher odds the bet slip features. With that, you need to keep in mind — if the only contained pick is wrong, your combined bet becomes losing as a whole.

While some pundits consider it is better to bypass accumulator bets, we can’t suggest avoiding them as often you want to take more considerable risks to ensure higher rewards. Moreover, winnings from combined bets can easily cover all previous losses. Fortune favours the brave!

Which Type of Bets to Select

When it comes to placing accumulators, one of the crucial aspects is to have accounts with several bookmakers. By signing up with multiple sportsbooks, you gain access to the best betting odds and favourable promos. There might be a significant difference in bookies’ prices offered for the exact match, and if you catch the highest odds, you will dramatically improve your betting stats.

Another strong point in favour of accumulator betting is that it provides immense joy and entertainment, and nothing can compare with rooting for your favourites one after another. If you have a lot of expertise and strong skills to make the correct decisions, betting on parlays can deliver maximum pleasure along with high returns.

As for singles, punts of this type are an excellent option if you want long-term profit. Many bettors select them since they provide higher chances of winning. With single bets, football enthusiasts can make the correct evaluations much easier. They would say that singles are a better alternative as all payouts depend only on one selection in the bet slip. So, opt for singles to see your betting results more sustained!

PariPesa Betting Options

Regardless of which type of bets you prefer, you need to have an account with a sportsbook that provides a significant number of betting options. Indeed, the last thing you want to experience while selecting the right pick for your bet slip is the limited set of betting markets and selections. That’s why we recommend signing up with betting sites that provide both standard and sophisticated markets. 

And here, the PariPesa betting platform hits the spot. The bookmaker features an up-to-date website with a broad range of sports, in-play, and pre-match football markets. Apart from popular bets, PariPesa delivers an astounding number of exotic football selections. In particular, the punter having an account with this sportsbook can bet on:

• Both Teams to Score,
• Win / Draw / Win,
• Double Chance,
• To Qualify,
• 1 Half,
• 2 Half,
• Handicap,
• Over / Under,
• Corners,
• Cards,
• Yellow Cards,
• Offsides,
• Fouls,
• Ball Possession,
• Substitutions,
• Player’s Stats,
• Shots,
• Shots on Target,
• Throw-Ins,
• Saves,
• Aerial Battles,
• VAR-checks, etc.

Accumulators vs Singles. What’s Best For Football Betting?

Another great PariPesa feature is that the platform supports multiple payment processing systems, so you can be sure you will get your winnings in the most convenient way. Sign up with PariPesa, start betting and get your winnings!

Accumulator Bets vs Single Bets Conclusion

As you understand, both football singles and accumulators feature their advantages and drawbacks. While parlays might deliver high winnings, such bets have higher risks. Singles, in their turn, offer a higher winning percentage but lower payouts.

Now, it’s your time to assess all the pros and cons of two bet types and determine which form of betting suits your strategy best. Do some research and define the option allowing you to reach your goals fast and in the best possible way!

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