How to Build a Relationship with Your God

How to Build a Relationship with Your God

It’s very common for people to want to build a better relationship with others around them, but their spiritual relationship with their god often takes a backseat. Regardless of your religion, building a relationship with your god should sit amongst your top priorities.  This is a huge factor for any believer, as it affects the way in which you’re perceived by the spirit of God.
As far as any religious follower is concerned, your god’s perception of you greatly affects how you lead your life. So, what steps does everyone need to be making to better establish their relationship with their god? 

Make Obligatory Donations

One immediate change that you can make is ensuring that you pay all obligatory donations. For example, in Islam, Muslims are required to pay Zakat as part of their duty to serve Allah.
This is to combat the notion of greed and hoarding wealth, which is looked down upon in all religions. Instead, everyone should be given an equal playing field, and those who can afford it shouldn’t allow others to suffer in poverty. 
On top of obligatory donations, it's also expected that you make voluntary donations off your own back, as this displays selflessness and brings you closer to righteousness. 

Interact Regularly with Your God

Plenty of believers are guilty of only praying to their god when they find themselves in trouble or when they want something.
Despite this, this isn’t a healthy method of building a relationship with your god. Instead, you should talk to your god on a daily basis and this interaction shouldn’t be solely filled with wants. 
You should tell your god about your thoughts feelings, ask for guidance, and request forgiveness for your sins and also pray to cancel enemy evil plans. This honest and open interaction with your god will allow you to build a quality relationship, rather than one that is built on selfishness and greed.

Read Your God’s Words

Another thing that many believers neglect to do is read their respective holy books that detail the words of their god.
Without reading your god’s words for yourself, your belief is solely formed upon word-of-mouth. True belief should not be a case of following what you’ve been told by others, but rather what you’ve discovered for yourself on your spiritual journey. Similarly, it’s quite common to forget to apply these words to your everyday life and only obey them when it suits you. Religion is a commitment and isn’t something that you can pick up and drop as and when you please. 

Obey Your God’s Arrangements

Regardless of which religion you follow, your respective god has a plan for everyone. You shouldn’t try and change the course of your god’s actions, as they are a higher being with a much more informed perception of what’s best for you.
Everything you do should be done with the correct motive in mind. This correct motive isn’t necessarily the option that will best benefit you, but rather the one that would best please your god.
Upon your relationship with your god being strengthened, it will be much easier to seek guidance from them as you’ll be more perceptive of their intentions. 

Seek the Truth in All Things 

Everything that is executed by your god is done with a purpose in mind, and you should always endeavor to seek this purpose. It’s likely that it will be done with the intention to improve you as a person, so you should always analyze what your god is trying to tell you.
Similarly, you shouldn’t blame your god for your downfalls, and instead accept responsibility and seek to grow from these misfortunes.
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