Is There Any Real Strategy That Can Be Used In Slots?

Is There Any Real Strategy That Can Be Used In Slots?

Of all the gambling games available, casino free spins no deposit slots are the most unpredictable of the lot. Each spin result is supposed to be random and no skill in the world or specialist knowledge can affect the outcome.

Despite this, there are individuals out there who claim that they have developed strategies that have turned them into slot experts or slot game-winners. Whether these players can back up their claims with evidence remains to be seen, but some have gone on to write books about the subject. The sceptics amongst us believe that these individuals are more concerned with selling books, rather than revealing their secret strategies to the masses if they do exist.

Why It is Hard to Apply Strategy to Slots 

When slots were first invented, each spin was activated by a pull of a lever by the player. This was a truly random slot spin. By the time slots became digital games, and virtual video slots, the human touch was replaced by computer microchips. 

Today, each slot spin result is generated by an RNG or Random Number Generator. This, as the title implies, is a microchip that constantly generates numbers, which are related to symbols on slot reels. There are vast amounts of symbol combinations that can land, and it is all down to the RNG to produce winning spins, bonus triggering spins, jackpot-winning spins, or dead spins. Therefore, slots are described as games of luck because players need to be in the right place at the right time. 

What Strategies Are Out There? 

The simplest and easiest slot game strategy is to exclusively play the games that have the highest RTP score. RTP stands for Return to Player percentage, and it is calculated by spinning slots thousands of times and comparing the amount wagered against the amount won. All games are tested and receive an RTP score. Games with the highest RTP score, usually have a rating of over 97%. 

The problem here is that slot players are creatures of habit and find a slot they enjoy and stick to it, ignoring the RTP score altogether. If you are primarily playing slots for entertainment, then high RTP scoring games do not offer the biggest thrills. These games pay-out consistently, but the winning amounts are small to average. Low RTP scoring games which are sometimes described as being highly volatile, can dead spin players for hundreds of spins, before returning a win that recovers all the losses. These are high-risk games that should either be played at a very low stake, or only occasionally, but despite the frustrating gameplay, these games offer the biggest slot thrills. 

Banking Your Winnings

The best strategy of all has nothing to do with slot game mechanics. If you win bank what you win as soon as possible. Or at the very least bank the profit, or the amount to cover what has been wagered, then you can continue to play with what is left without having to continuously make slot site deposits, to reload your bankroll.

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