How To Play Online Craps At A Casino

How To Play Online Craps At A Casino

With the amount that us humans love casino gambling in the 21st century it can be difficult to imagine a world without casino games like roulette, poker, slots or craps, but one interesting fact here is that the world’s first actual casino was only established in the 17th century. Gambling existed for thousands of years before this of course, however it was never actually done in a real casino environment - play Fluffy Too slots.

As soon as the Venetians established the Casino di Venezia in the mid-1600s, however, the emergence of true casino gambling meant that several new games were popularised. Furthermore, it also meant that age-old traditional gambling games could be modernised and reworked to fit the casino environment. Craps is a great example of this; something said to have been invented by Roman soldiers. Nowadays you can even play online craps, keep reading for an overview of how to play online craps at a casino.

Guide to online casino gambling: Basic key things to remember 

The 21st century world of online casino is absolutely fascinating, and over the last few decades it has grown at an exponential rate, quickly becoming by far the most successful part of the entire gambling industry. Whilst this is all undeniably very exciting, it also makes it critical that people nowadays know a few key things to remember about online casino gambling. Take a look at some of these key things: 

- Online casino deposit offers: One of the main things that makes online casino so appealing to gamblers at the moment is the fact that most platforms offer some kind of online casino deposit offer. This is essentially a way for gamblers to increase their bankroll for free, and you therefore need to make use of it.

- Licensing and regulatory bodies: A slightly more boring thing that you must always take into account with online casino is the importance of regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission. You simply have to make sure that the online casino you play at has a license; otherwise you could be taken advantage of.

Online craps: How does it work? 

Craps is definitely one of the most surprising games to see in the online casino world, because it relies so heavily on dice rolling, something that is extremely difficult to accurately portray digitally online. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible with modern technology, and online casino developers have certainly made it work. 

Online craps is fairly simple, and follows the same set of rules as craps in a brick and mortar casino. Players make their bets, and then the designated shooter rolls the dice – everything else is down to chance! 

Top tips for playing online craps at a casino 

It is simply impossible to say no to some top tips for playing online craps at a casino, take a look at some of ours below: 

- Avoid progressive betting systems like the Martingale strategy.

- Keep the house edge as low as possible through the minimum limit on Pass Line/Don’t Pass bets.

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