What are Delta 8 THC Gummies? How are they different from CBD Gummies?

With our ever-changing world, our problems seem to change as well. In such scenarios, we wander and look for different products that may help us cope and improve our lives. Upon wandering, we found two products from the same tree that might be a one-stop solution for plenty of our issues.

Cannabidiol and Delta 8 THC gummies are two of the most prevalent cannabinoids presently. Along with Cannabidiol  and Delta 8, thco and hhc are also famous. Many potential buyers wonder which one to get, and in this article, we check that out!

Cannabidiol: The famous cannabinoid

Cannabidiol is commonly known as CBD, a compound from the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant has two main types: marijuana and hemp. Both of them contain small amounts of CBD in them. However, the hemp plant has a significantly higher quantity of CBD and not as much THC. The marijuana plant, however, has a more considerable THC content. Hence, CBD products do not cause a high like marijuana or THC products. CBD gummies are the most researched cannabinoid and have thus gained immense popularity in the past years. The fame and reach have led to enthusiasts claiming the legalization of CBD nationwide. CBD is legal in the United States when it has under 0.3% THC, at least federally. It is probably the most famous cannabinoid and is readily available at plenty of online and offline stores across many states. Significant credit for this fame goes to the Farm Bill.

Delta 8 THC- The up and coming star

Delta 8 THC possibly comes next, in line with CBD in terms of popularity and usage. You may say they are the next best thing to happen to the Cannabinoid industry. While the Delta 9 THC variant is more infamous than famous, Delta 8 has brought new hope for THC-based products. It is more stable than Delta 9 and does not show any psychoactive properties. Delta 8 comes from Delta 9 but is available in very tiny amounts. Hence, it is costlier and requires expensive extraction and purification methods. At times, it is even artificially converted and manufactured from CBD. This factor also raises the quality of Delta 8 products significantly. It is not your usual Delta 9 THC that you can get for cheaper rates for your casual parties. It shows real signs of medicinal and recreational values that bring hope that it may end up on a similar trajectory to that of CBD.

When you consider the points above, it is common for people to wonder which one suits their needs the best, as they seem very similar and show identical benefits.
What are Delta 8 THC Gummies? How are they different from CBD Gummies?

Why go for gummies?

Gummies, in general, are insanely practical products. Be it CBD gummies or Delta 8 gummies: you are sure to enjoy your journey with them. If you are a beginner starting on your cannabinoid journey, you would probably go crazy over all the dosage guidelines and amount restrictions you need to follow. With gummies, you remove any requirement for measuring your doses and overthinking every time you try your favorite product. In such a fast-paced and hectic world, gummies are a boon that offers such a hassle-free experience. You need to figure out how many gummies you need, and BAM! You are all set to proceed on to your cannabinoid journey. Gummies are also delicious and come in a variety of different flavors. These gummies channel out your inner child and help you alleviate your daily issues without much hassle.

Difference between CBD and Delta 8

As we have seen, Delta 8 is a cannabinoid, just like CBD. The most considerable difference between them lies in the background of Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta 8 may be considered a powerful sedative. It is crazy good to induce sleep and provide anxiety relief. There are psychoactive effects in these THC products, but it is way milder than Delta 9. In terms of potency, it sits right in between Delta 9 and Delta 10. If you want to experience that euphoric trance state Delta 8 produces, then Delta 8 gummies would be the perfect choice for you. But remember, it can show up on drug tests. Hence, if you need to go to an office, it might be a risky choice.

CBD, on the other hand, does not show any psychoactive effects. It is the most studied cannabinoid, hence the safest bet. Delta 8 is still relatively newer and needs a lot more research for us to understand it completely.

Both CBD and Delta 8 gummies are excellent for treating anxiety, stress, and depression. CBD at higher doses is as good a sedative as any, and Delta 8 is already a widely popular sedative. Both CBD and Delta 8 can help alleviate pain in muscle spasms or joint pains. They also share an anti-inflammatory quality that helps treat issues, such as acne and other painful swell-ups.

Another aspect of comparison is the perspective of weight loss and weight gain. A study showed that Delta 8 could boost your appetite, a trait closely linked to marijuana. Hence, it could make you more hungry quicker, and you could end up eating more and hampering your weight loss journey. However, if the faster rate of metabolism supports better weight loss, it is still an understudied issue.

In this regard, CBD may not be as appetite-boosting as Delta 8. Hence, it may be better for your weight loss. Asking a doctor about the exact effects would be the best bet here.
What are Delta 8 THC Gummies? How are they different from CBD Gummies?


There is no right or wrong answer when you pick one among Delta 8 and CBD for yourself. You may even need both of them in different scenarios. Some users prefer the milder impacts of CBD more than the hard-hit of THC products. Others like the euphoria and more impactful pain-relief effect after using Delta 8 products. So, it all boils down to personal preference, and you would need to try them before you can decide what is better for you.

Before trying them, ensure you know all the laws in your area. Delta 8 is still in a legal gray area as of now. On the other hand, CBD is usually considered legal in many parts of the world. However, it must have less than 0.3% THC to qualify as legal in the United States. In the United Kingdom, it needs to have less than 0.2% THC. With more awareness, both these products can benefit, especially Delta 8. When the cannabis community learns of the differences in hemp and marijuana, THC, and CBD, customers will be able to make informed choices based on their needs. For now, do your research and consult a doctor for additional advice.
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