What is the best online bingo strategy?

What is the best online bingo strategy?

Bingo online is intended to be a fun and enjoyable experience, one that can be enjoyed by everyone at barbadosbingo.com. What makes it so enjoyable is the suspense of not knowing if you’re going to win or not. Due to it being a game built almost completely out of luck, with the numbers on each bingo card being selected by an RNG, every game could be anyone’s win.

5 top tips on fine-tuning your best online bingo strategy

Even though online bingo is a game of chance, we’ve pulled together a list of tips that you can implement into your game in order to perfect your best online bingo strategy and to increase your odds of winning.

1) Choose the right time to play: During peak gaming times, such as after work in the evenings and at the weekends, there will be more players playing for the same jackpot prize. Therefore, playing at less busy off-peak times will mean you’re up against less players, increasing your chances of winning.

2) Buy more than one bingo ticket: Technically speaking, the more bingo tickets you have the, more likely it is that you’ll have it on one of your cards and will be able to cross it off. Be careful though, in order to perfect the best online bingo strategy you’ll have to find the right balance between buying enough bingo cards to increase your odds, but not too many that you end up spending more money than you’re able to win.

3) Do your research: When choosing to play bingo online, it's always a good idea to do a quick google search first to see what other players have to say about the site or game. Player reviews and recommendations can be super useful when working out your online bingo strategy.

4) Check the website is legit: Even though this actually doesn’t increase your chances of winning, it's in your best interest to confirm that the site or game you’ve chosen to play is safe and reputable by ensuring it has a legitimate gambling licence.

5) Practice makes perfect: Like most things in life, the more experience you get in something, the better you get at it! Use free online bingo games to get accustomed to the game and to fine tune the best playing strategy that works for you.
Granville’s system as a bingo strategy

As we’ve already mentioned, in a fair and proper game of bingo, there’s no way of knowing what numbers will be called out. However, Joseph Granville was a mathematical analyst born in 1923 who created a system he believed is the best bingo strategy.

He argued that players should choose numbers that make their card systematic and symmetrical by choosing:

• The same number of odd and even numbers

• The same amount of numbers ending in 1,2,3,4,5 etc

• An equal balance of both high and low numbers

By doing this, probability suggests that an equal amount of odd, even, high and low numbers will be called.
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Final thoughts on the best online bingo strategy

Whilst having a strategy is a good idea when playing any game, you should remember that online bingo isn’t a way of making money, its for your own entertainment! Give these tips a go but remember to stop once the fun stops.
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