5 Best Houseboats to Rent in Kerala

5 Best Houseboats to Rent in Kerala

If you're interested in experiencing the backwaters of Kerala covered in lush green, verdant coconut trees, let the visitor enjoy an idyllic and serene environment, offering you a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Alleppey is among the most stunning locations due to its beautiful lakes, gentle breezes, and spectacular scenery.

Alleppey houseboats are lovely and relaxing. They offer stunning natural beauty and natural beauty, and the elegance of the elegant backwaters will impress and captivate you.

When you're on the houseboats, the best part is that you will be able to taste the aromas and flavors of traditional meals from Kerala and relax on the deck made of wood, listening to the chirps of birds and the rumble of the ocean. On this trip, you will also be able to learn about the rich tradition and the authenticity of the region.

It is often tricky or hard to locate a suitable houseboat in line with their interests. However, we've selected the top 5 houseboats that can entice you to choose one in the final. Also, you can look through the many Kerala tours and pick the one that is best for you.

ATDC Houseboats

ATDC Houseboats, nestled among beautiful greenery and a pleasant setting in Alleppey, offer modern facilities and services as furnished rooms to ensure an unforgettable stay. The hotel also offers additional amenities like an itinerary guide and sightseeing tour, Ayurvedic massages, and transportation.

Your taste buds will be delighted by the mouthwatering food served at this establishment. A sloe sauntering on a Kettuvallam boat on the backwater in awe with palm-dotted narrow trees that wind through the vast expanse that is paddy fields along with the beautiful enclaves of tiny enclaves set along the sides of the canals will be awestruck by you.

Johnson's Eco Houseboats

Johnson's Eco houseboat is a pulsating paradise located in Kerala that offers a breathtakingly enjoyable experience in the beautiful region. Johnson's Eco Houseboats" Only in Alleppey rice-boat is the most awaited Houseboat for romantic and joyous trips, and it's well-known for its environmentally friendly design.

This Houseboat takes you on a journey through stunning canals and lush landscapes. The calming atmosphere of these locations is of the highest quality, which makes it feel like at your own home, while you enjoy the luxury of having everything you need while you cruise through the serene atmosphere of the place. This beautiful five-bedroom luxury Houseboat provides total privacy and a cozy security blanket.

Bright Water Cruise

Bright water cruises offer an enjoyable experience on a houseboat, the hospitality or services provided on the Brightwater cruise are top-quality and delicious. The delicious dishes served in this restaurant are authentic and tasty. Apart from the luxurious experience, the vibrant water cruise is a sign of security and security. The well-equipped homes are proof.

The Houseboat offers an energizing spa in-house, a jacuzzi to relax in, and a relaxing music experience on board. The atmosphere is sure to captivate you. In addition, the experience of floating on the water cruise, enjoying the freshly cooked food that is served, and the stunning backdrop all through the cruise will be captivating for you.

Prasanthi Houseboats

Prasanthi Houseboat is renowned for its outstanding service and entertainment options in Alleypay. The Houseboat is an excellent choice due to the breathtaking views from the deck and the variety of options available to guests to pick from various rooms, viewpoints, and mouthwatering food. Apart from the soothing atmosphere of the area with the lush greenery and the still, slow water will enthrall your spirit. The boathouse's rooms are furnished with furniture and spaces that are spacious. If you're a person who is looking to do something new, you can inquire with the staff about fishing or other enjoyable water-based activities.

Angel Queen Houseboats

The name alone suggests the beauty that is this Houseboat. If you plan an excursion for leisure or a corporate trip, this vessel is the best choice. It takes about 130 minutes to travel away from Kochi international airport to get to the hotel. They will meet your accommodation and dining needs by serving delectable food at your table and delighting you with their airy, spacious rooms.

The Houseboat offers a variety of options for accommodations. The rooms available on the boat are large, clean, and airy, with a fantastic view of the lush, green forest.

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