The Evolution of the Online Casino Business

The Evolution of the Online Casino Business

For over 20 years, online casinos have been around. Thanks to the rise in the number of new casino sites joining the existing ones. About 26 years ago, it was worth noting that players worldwide could only choose among just 15 available online gambling sites. As of now, players can choose from thousands of these gambling and online casino sites since they are more than available. About four years ago, there were about 2,800 online casinos. This can be easily attributed to the rising number of players who understand the comfort of playing from the corner of their homes. It is also pertinent to note that the number of players increased during the pandemic. 

The Evolution of online casino

Casino lovers worldwide believe that the year 1994 birthed the now popularly sought-after online casino. This was when the Isle of Man company created the first online casino. The Gaming Club, the Isle of Man, and the online casino rose to instant fame. Moreover, in 1994, the Free Trade and Processing Act was passed by Antigua and Barbuda, which helps companies and organizations to go ahead to get approval for the establishment of online casinos. These two events were responsible for the shocking wave that brought casinos to a new popularity level, with players trooping into the new world of today's online casinos. 

The 1990s online casino

While 1996 seems to be a significant year in establishing online casinos, it is important to know that the 1990s also was a year of key development in online casinos. This was the year the introduction of secure online financial transactions took place. Thanks to CryptoLogic for creating - a company by two Canadian brothers in 1995. This development wasn't just aimed at players gambling for fun but also to ensure safety for the money they invest. 

Even from that moment, many online casino enthusiasts believe that more security is associated with the online casino than the land-based. They believed that people could play with a large sum of money even when they went anywhere cashless. From 1994, the online casino began to gain more popularity from the public and even went from strength to strength. Two years later, it is amazing that the number of online casinos had already moved to 15. With more players joining the online casino world, the online casino added 185 to jump to 200 in 1997. By the end of the 1990s, it was evident that online casinos extended their roots by gaining more popularity, and as of now, it is here to stay! 

The number of online casino sites keeps rising. Thanks to the market competition. With the rise in popularity and profits of online casinos, they do not stop thriving and provide the best rewards to players. Also, as brick-and-mortar casinos realized a need for online casinos' internet presence, competition rose more to ensure their edge remains on the market. 

Players can now enjoy various promotions from today's online casinos, ranging from welcome bonuses to other mouthwatering offers. Online casinos understand that there is a need to attract more players to keep the market increasing. Hence, the reason they offer something different such as varieties of games.

The future of online casinos

One of the major questions for potential or existing online casino owners is; how much does it cost to open a casino. A well-planned budget, including getting approval to operate an online casino, has risen in numbers recently. As a result, the future of online casinos is brighter than it even seems at the moment. 

Generally, it is expected that the online casino business will continue to increase, not just in popularity but also in revenue. In 2019, according to GlobeNewswire, online gambling was valued at $58,960, with a rise of 9.9% in (CAGR) compound annual growth rate since 2015. It is believed that the online casino will also increase in growth rate by 2023 from $58,960 million in 2019 to $92,860 million at a 12.0% rate. In 2025, online casinos are expected to be at a value growth rate of $113,120 million at a CAGR of 10.4%. By 2030, there would be massive growth of $185,740 with a CAGR of 10.4%.

A quick flashback to when the COVID-19 was around actively, online casinos helped the entire globe cope during those periods, helping people kill boredom and make money, even while indoors. 


In the near future, the number of online casino sites would have been so massive, leaving players across the world to find it difficult to sign up due to different promotional offers. With this, the popularity of online casino sites will certainly endure a long time. This has been seen during the world economic downturn and pandemics.

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