5 Content Types That Every Company Should Use

Content is a collective term that describes the information on the pages of social networks, websites, etc. Content notion includes texts, audio and video files, graphics, animations, and everything you can see, hear, or read. Regardless of your brand's and company's goals, the information you place on your social media accounts, websites, or other sites should be helpful to your target audience. Thus, let’s dive into the world of content!
5 Content Types That Every Company Should Use

Selling content

It is a commercial type with the essence to advertise products or services. These are describing posts that have to attract potential clients, including information about the price and characteristics of the product. Add reviews and methods of application. Often, we meet this type of content on social media, landing pages, and online stores. You can place promotions, product cards, and discounts related to the direct sale of a product or service to your TA. Then, place a clear call to action. For example, it may be the “Contact us to know more,” “Buy,” and “Leave your details” buttons.

If we speak about online store websites, create apparent architecture to let visitors find the selling information easily. Another thing is about blogs and social media. You should not public selling posts every day. Take care to add diverse kinds of posts. You need that add some energy to your subscribers on your blog. The optimal balance is 5-10% of the selling content of the total number of posts per month. Keep on reading to get more ideas for your posts!

Entertainment content

This type is opposite to the first one. It does not carry much meaning, but it is vital to make some fun and joy. People may be tired of searching the serious information only. Thus, if you make a good joke on social networks, people will meet it with warmth. Entertainment content is also riddles, contests, cute animals, etc. For example, Mercedes Benz offered their users to create their cars GLA series. The company offers to choose the parameters of the future vehicle. Then it calculates the price of the assembled model.

Yet, do not treat that as the fortune of Instagram marketers only. Even for serious companies, that is permissible to publish entertaining content. Yes! That is still about trendy memes, jokes, funny quotes, and gifs. But, you can modify them according to your topic or intellectually insert some hints. Then, you may arrange quests or create tests. Likewise, you may congratulate people on public holidays. You may involve experience copywriters for texts or arrange TrustMyPaper for writing services. Create a precise task of what sample to write, and experienced specialists create a manual, landing page text, a blog post, or many other copies. In any way, that will be a pleasure for your readers to share your article with friends and participate in the comments.

News content

5 Content Types That Every Company Should Use

It is necessary to gain the trust and commitment of the TA for sales to grow steadily. How to do it right? Correct: with the help of informational content.

This content exists to inform auditory of any changes in the field of interest. You can tell about news within your company. For example, you found a new solution or are planning some event. Also, you can reveal the changes related to the product or service. For example, the details of your update and how it influences end-users. Announcements of the latest innovations in your company or just new in the world, for example, the iPhone XS has been released, or Google algorithms have been updated. Users will read such news with interest and recommend your publications to friends.

The informational type of content for social networks can also include webinars, translations of foreign articles, announcements of blog articles, and vacancies in your company.

Reputational content

Reputation is the face of the company and the way people treat it. Such content forms the company's expertise in the eyes of the audience. Such content must be for subscribers on social networks to grow the personal or company brand. How to deal with it? Create Highlights with reviews and feedback in your account. You can share an example of how it helped your users satisfy their goals. Then, write case studies to share the success stories connected with your products. If you are a service company, it’s a great chance to showcase your expertise and the way you managed to solve your customer’s problem. Hire professional writers from SupremeDissertations to assist you with that and do it correctly. Besides, the presence of cases in the company inspires confidence in a potential client.

Communication content

You need to talk to your audience and get it involved in your activity. Communication content serves that purpose. You can ask any hot questions and encourage people to discuss. This way, you may detect customer pains, determine what they wonder about, and find the best solutions.

There are several tools. Try poll posting on your social media. Place an interview with an expert. You can ask your experienced employee or a guest expert. Choose some of the most common questions of your potential customers and let your expert answer. Let him reveal some secrets, share tips, and tell people about prosperous ways of development.

For some reason, many companies do not take interactive content seriously. They think of it as entertainment that has nothing to do with a serious brand. Yet, there are also universal formats. Webinars are probably one of the versatile types of content that match everyone. Select an engaging topic and broadcast it to devoted viewers.

Then, interactives are very popular among B2-B companies. According to DemandGen, 62% of B2B marketers already use interactive content. And 43% of consumers prefer interactive video to other types of video content. B2C audiences, on the other hand, are more interested in entertainment content, even if the business is serious. The YouTube channel of Forbes has both business and entertainment content. Still, the latter usually gather ten times as many views. Thus, that is important to create a strategy. You can find some tips on how to develop a successful approach to the audience and involve the best writers.

The last thing we want to mention in this article is the content ratio. It is possible to see that the optimal content ratio is 40% - attracting content, 30% devote to entertainment and news, 20% - reputable, 10% - selling. Mix these types and find the perfect relationship that matches your needs.

When creating content, always put yourself in your readers' shoes. Think about your audience, information relevance, and the benefits of the content you give it. We wish you fresh, helpful, and unique posts. Good luck!

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