Simple Tips On Renovations With Room Planner

Simple Tips On Renovations With Room Planner

Home renovations usually take lots of time, money, and energy from an unprepared house owner. It can become a real test of mutual understanding among the whole family. Meanwhile, with a proper attitude and the right tools like the Room Planner app, you can turn it into a painless process for a few weeks. This article will help you understand the process and simplify it.

How Much Money Are You Ready to Spend?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself. Be honest since it usually takes more than you plan. No matter whether you are making your dream house or just want to add more colors inside, you will have to spend money. The best option is to make sure you have the sum you need for the renovation in advance. To do it, create a document with possible expenses. Write down the cost of paint, wood, and everything you need. Don’t forget to include the necessary tools.

Choosing a Style

Take a moment before you do anything. Download the Room Planner app or something similar to check the design you need. This app provides a 3D model of the imagined room. You can change the color, furniture, textures, and even fabric you are using. The app helps you to plan a room without moving anything or paying an expensive designer.

You can start by choosing a design style. This is a vital part of your work. Once you decide on the style, you will easily pick the colors and furniture. If you can’t settle on the style you want, there are several most popular choices these days:

• Modern, which is always popular. This is a classic that implies applying one major color and a simplified color palette that usually includes different shades of the main color. The style matches perfectly with steel and glass;

• Scandinavian. In the last few years, light Scandinavian houses have become something everyone wants. This style adds extra coziness, and you can create a luxurious house in no time. The main accent is on light and minimalistic furniture. Scandinavians prefer pale wood and white walls in design;

• Minimalistic design is simple, functional, and suitable for every budget. It works perfectly for houses or apartments with small spaces. The main accent is on the natural look;

• The coastal design brings light green and blue colors. You can feel yourself walking on a beach, totally relaxed and calm. Add as many flowers in your room as you want, to provide an airy and fresh atmosphere to the room;

• The industrial style looks perfect for big spaces. You can get inspired by bars and warehouses. Think about red bricks, metal, and ductwork;

• Luxurious style is about glamor. If you like it, you can easily surround yourself with such things. Think about lots of pale silk, fur, and velvet in combination with metal. Furniture can be atmospheric as well. It is up to you whether you want Turkish sofas or chairs inspired by French kings and queens.

Pick Materials in Advance

Before you do anything, find the best solutions for your flooring, walls, ceiling, and even bathroom vanities. The Room Planner app offers you to check out the total look of your apartment or house by creating a 3D model of it. Change the flooring there, including colors and materials. Find the best option for you.

People already living in a house usually know what they want when it comes to materials. For example, they might prefer wood in rooms illuminated by the sun. In rooms without direct sunlight, many people pick light paint on the walls. The purpose of the room can help you choose fixtures too. Think about your tasks in this space. Will you work there? Will you sleep in the room? Do you want to do yoga?

Learn All the Options

If you run out of ideas in the first room, and you still have several of them, use help from the outside. Check for the ideas on Room Planner, Pinterest, or any other websites of well-known designers. Think about your dreams and joys. What do you like the most? You can find unexpected solutions on your trips or from the people around you. Even movies and books can be helpful while you are trying to create a room sketch. To get the Scandinavian atmosphere, watch popular detective TV shows. Read English prose to get the idea of the popular British style with wallpapers and a fireplace.

Modern technologies allow you to view the results even before you start renovations. All you have to do is to take a photo of your room, add it to the Room Planner app, and apply the style you want. You don’t have to limit your imagination, just make sure that your budget is big enough to implement all your wild dreams in life. Once you find a solution for this or that corner, don’t forget to write it down in your planner.

Create Digital Board

You need a plan to rely on. If you want to renovate your house like a pro, you will have to create lots of documents and combine them. Use helping tools like Google Docs, for example, or any other virtual space. Keep everything in the cloud storage. You can create a folder with pictures you like the most. 

Create a document with the future expenditures. Make sure you can easily reach it whenever you need to make editions. Another file has to be filled with your ideas. Do the same procedure for every room that you have to renovate and don’t forget to add visuals. They will inspire you and help you understand what you really want from a particular space. Room Planner will show you the total picture to follow.

Enjoy Renovations

While it might sound bizarre, you will achieve everything you want once you understand that you are in control of the situation and can actually enjoy it. Room Planner offers you all the tools to create the design you want, plan your budget, and start renovations. Use this app for your inspiration whenever you need it. Make sure you follow all the simple tips and organize your safe space like a professional designer.

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