A Guide to Window Shutters

A Guide to Window Shutters

Shopping for shutters might be more complicated than you would expect. If you want the right window shutters the first time, you need to get them right. If you're going to make such a significant financial commitment and alter your whole way of life, you'd better do it right.

Similar to how each room in your home has a particular function, there are several shutter styles to choose from. If you want to acquire the best one for your scenario, you need to know what you're looking for.

What kinds of shutters are available, and how do you go about picking the right one?

2 Kinds of Shutters

Interior Shutters

A home's interior shutters are often used for seclusion and may provide partial or complete window covering. One disadvantage of these shutters is that they don't offer anything to enhance the aesthetics or security of the home's façade. On the other hand, exterior shutters are more effective in insulating a home.

Exterior Shutters

Outside shutters are used to protect the exterior of your property. They are used mainly for total seclusion, protection from intruders and weather, and to enhance the appearance of the home's façade — immediate curb appeal.

There are several exterior shutter designs to choose from. Now, let's peek at some of the many types of shutter materials you have to choose from.

Shutter Materials

We've provided information on the materials shutter types are made of to help you narrow down your options. The ideal material for your shutters will be determined by the purpose they will be used.

Wood Shutters

Because of its long history of use in the manufacture of shutters, wood shutters remain a popular choice among contemporary households. This style of shutter is long-lasting, attractive, and versatile. There are various wood kinds, treatments, and stains to pick from.

Wood shutters, on the other hand, have a few limitations. Without the right finishing treatments and maintenance, they might become warped and need to be replaced, especially in wet places. It's also prone to damage, requiring more frequent upkeep. One of the most costly alternatives is wood shutters.

PVC Shutters

Plastic polymer PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is very rigid and resilient. Being both thin and light, it's an excellent choice for this particular shutter design. Whether in the shower or outside the house, PVC shutters are perfect for regions that get a lot of moisture or are in direct touch with water.

Cons of PVC shutters include their inflexibility and the fact that you're locked with a single color option: white. These aren't the most visually appealing solutions, but they're an excellent option if you're looking for something long-lasting.

Metal Shutters

Rolling shutters, coiling doors, and sectional overhead doors are all terms used to describe metal shutters, which are often seen outside houses. They're made up of many metal (aluminum or steel) slats that may be folded or rolled up.

If you want something that works rather than something that looks good, these shutters are a great option. Depending on the use, they may also be employed in commercial and educational facilities. Metal shutters, such as this one, may shield your home from intruders and inclement weather like hail or high winds.

Types of Shutters

• Full Height
• Bay Window
• Café Style
• Wardrobe Door
• Conservatory
• Special Shapes
• Tier-on-tier
• French Door
• Bi-folded and Sliding

A design team is usually a good idea when so many different styles and materials, colors, and features to choose from.'

Gilroy Shutters will work closely with you to help you choose the ideal shutter type for your home.

Gilroy Shutters offers exquisitely designed shutters made of high-quality materials that control how much natural light enters your home, whether you have a standard square window, a classic bay, a conservatory, or a unique shape.

Gilroy Shutters is a well-known shutters supplier in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire, offering a 10-year guarantee and free measurements and consultations. As part of your first consultation, Gilroy Shutters may be able to give you free temporary blinds so that you may control the amount of light coming into your house throughout the renovation.

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