Need Help Finding High-Quality Actors in Your Local Area? Here's What to Do.

Need Help Finding High-Quality Actors in Your Local Area? Here's What to Do.
High-quality actors can change how anyone interacts with a production. From the ability to make people feel emotions from words and actions to the star power that can come with someone who's well known: you'll be surprised what you can find in your area!

These are the top tips for finding a performer in your area.

Put Out a Listing on Local Social Media

Social media is a friend when it comes to listings looking for actors since you can gather a lot of information about a person by their social media presence. Not only will this tell you if they've worked in the industry before, but it also informs you of what kind of person they are to interact with.

A social media listing helps you find performers where they’re at and connect with them rather than making it feel one-sided in the way Craigslist can.

Get Word of Mouth Out There

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools to find actors for hire. Let people in your life know that you're hiring professional performers, and you'll be amazed at how many people can spread this information and bring back some incredible options to you.

Be careful about what you promise, though: if your best friend says her niece is a great actress, don't hire actors site unseen. Although she may think her niece is great, there's no way to guarantee she is. You still need to do an audition.

Ensure Your Listing is Enticing

Make your listing as intriguing as possible to possible actors in your area. Let them know the pay upfront, how long the job will last: and what this can do for their career. If you have industry connections or have completed previous productions like this, make sure you let people know in your listing.

Don’t make this boring! You're not asking them to sit at a desk and work on spreadsheets: you're asking them to create art with you! Inspire them with your words and entice them into being as passionate about your project as you are.

Hold Auditions Like a Party

Auditions are an exciting part of any acting job! Make your audition process as pain-free as possible, and give people a reason to look forward to possibly working with you. Send out a portion of your script or a section you'd like people to read from at least a day before the auditions. From here, host it in a neutral location where a lot of people can make it out to you, and you can keep them in two separate spaces: where people can wait and where people will read for you.

Don’t Settle For Less Than You Need

You may want to give up eventually and settle for wherever you can use so that the project will get created: but this could be a waste of a great script or project! It's better to wait, save up for a bigger budget, and run another round of auditions than it is to give up and settle for someone subpar. 

High-Quality Actors Can Be Found Anywhere

You can find incredible acting talent anywhere in the country. Take the time to meet the performers in your area, and create a production everyone will be proud of.

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