Why An “About Us” Page Is Important For Your Business

A meeting on why an “About Us” page is important for your business

Most businesses have an “About Us” page. But not nearly as many take this extremely useful page seriously. To find out why this is a mistake, read on about why an “About Us” page is important for your business!
You can signal who you are and what you do clearly

The first of the reasons why an “About Us” page is important for your business is because it allows you to easily and quickly signal exactly what your business involves. When looking for a business that can help them acquire whatever service or product they need, many people pay close attention to the “About Us” pages precisely because of this. Just because a site is named ‘Movers United’ does not mean they need to be a moving company. It may be a database of movers or a site used to hire workers for moving companies. Or a thousand different things. At the end of the day, if, for example, you want business advice, you want to know you will get it. Rather than waste time browsing a site, people want to be reassured that they are exactly where they need to be.
“Passion led us here,” engraved on the sidewalk

You can offer contact info on it

Some businesses do not need a dedicated “contact us” page. Especially if they do not have many physical addresses. Or if they run entirely online. For them, an “About Us” page is important because it allows them a convenient platform to lay out all the relevant contact information. This makes it one of the must-have small business pages if you want to have everything you need to successfully run your business online. Besides, even if you do have a dedicated page for contact info, it is always better to include some of it on the “About Us” page. Some people like to act at the spur of the moment, and having to dig through your site to get to the other page may cool their passion.
Letter blocks spell out “contact.”

You can allow your potential customers to learn about your qualification

An “About Us” page is important for another reason—it can quickly reassure your potential customers of your professional qualifications. This is especially important for movers, construction companies, and similar businesses. They all need permits and licenses to prove that they are legitimate businesses. 

Being able to feature them on a page most of your site’s visitors tend to access first is a fantastic way to immediately leave a good impression. Once they know they are dealing with a serious and professional business, people are a lot more open to the idea of hiring you or buying things from you.

You can show off your business’ background

Naturally, you can also use an “About Us” page to show off any accolades your business has managed to accrue. Have any awards, certificates of excellence,or similar that you want to show off as a point of appeal? Feature them all here and make them easily accessible! Similarly, an “About Us” page is an amazing place to feature a review or two. This makes it another great way to immediately capture the attention of anyone browsing through your site. 

Just make sure that your web page is well-made for cross-platform use. You do not want people using a mobile phone to see jumbled reviews if they immediately link from whatever platform they were left on. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make full use of the importance of mobile applications for your business growth and make one for your business!

You can use an “About Us” page as an excellent springboard

Yet another reason why an “About Us” page is important for your business is that it makes for an excellent ‘hub’ to other important pages. You might now want to cram too much info on it and want better-designed and more ‘specialized’ pages. Then, for example, instead of posting your contact info here,you can feature a link to your “contact us” page. Naturally, this is hardly the only important page worth linking here. You can direct people to your blog, social media account, subordinate sites, or even affiliated businesses. If you use the chance to offer a link to your Instagram, for instance, you can see firsthand the reasons why Instagram ads really work! The possibilities are only limited by the number of important pages your site has.
A meeting on pages to link

You can use it to house employee data

Now, naturally, you do not want to give away all your employees’ data, including their addresses and bank account numbers. However, it can be very helpful to humanize and solidify the image of your customer support and service staff in the minds of customers. 

This makes them go from a blank face typing at them across the Internet to an actual person they are talking to. This simple trick can make most customers a lot more approachable and willing to work with your staff. Even if they have complaints about something.

An “About US” is important because it lends you credibility

The final reason why an “About Us” page is important for your business is less about what having it does for you and more about wanting to avoid not having one. You see, with how prevalent having an “About Us” page is nowadays, refusing to make one is a near-immediate red flag in the minds of most website visitors. 

It immediately makes many people wonder why you chose not to include the page. Do you have something you don’t want them to know? Is your business near brand-new, and you just didn’t have time to put one up? Wouldn’t this make your employees less experienced and therefore less reliable? Even if you just want to avoid this bad first impression and loss of credibility, having an “About Us” page is a must.

Final advice on why an “About Us” page is important for your business

Now that you know why an “About Us” page is important for your business, you can take your time crafting one. And you really should take your time! For such a significant page, rushing can be very detrimental. Really take the time to consider what you want on it.
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