5 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Really Work

5 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Really Work

Instagram has really been an engaging and successful social media platform for quite some time. Though it is on its road to maturity, it is trying its best to evolve itself to cater to the needs of the new business requirements.

Presently Instagram is just behind its arch-rival Facebook in terms of active users. The new business enterprises enter the platform and exploit new avenues in business.

Instagram is getting popular with time as new users increase day in and day out. But if you are not really confident about featuring your business on this kind of platform, then you must use some social media management website.

We are sure you will be benefitted. Download such software from 1337X. In this article, we are going to discuss five reasons why Instagram Ads ought to be your tool for success.

Why Instagram Ads And Not Others?

There is not an iota of doubt that Instagram has walked the avenues of difficulty to reach the tabletop of success. It is extremely promising to say the least.

There are many reasons why s entrepreneurs are trying to make the best use of Instagram Ads.

1. Ever-Increasing Opportunities

Have you really seen the growth of Instagram in recent years? Instagram has really been a huge hit around the world. Simply take a look at the United States.

Instagram gripped over 140 million users. To dig deeper, Instagram grew 8% in one single quarter. Western Europe?

It has really stoned into the market with a whopping 17% increase in 2020. So it's growing continuously. Yet one sees plenty of opportunity for growth with Instagram Ads in the day to come.

2. Audience Specific

Targeting the audience is one of the most difficult tasks in contemporary marketing. The reason behind this is tough competition.

If you are choosing Instagram Ads over others, you are making a smart decision. This is because Instagram Ads allow new businesses like you to target specific audiences.

For example, if you want to present yourself before an audience that has an interest in trading in Forex, simply select “Trading Finance” Interest.

Instagram will take you specifically to those audiences that have an interest in Finance. So your focus turns extremely narrowed down and that's good.

3. Instagram Is Versatile

Instagram is so easy for you because it is that simple. You can design your ads in just a few minutes! What more do you need here?

This denotes if you do not have professional graphic designers, you will be able to run your advertisement by uploading videos and images on Instagram.

Instagram gives you multiple options as to how you would like to deliver your content. Through highly effective formats like Collection Ads, Stories Ads, Collection Ads, Ads in Explore, and Instagram reel ads you could meet your ends.

4. Built A Following For Your Brands

Instagram is without doubt a great platform where you can easily build a following for your brand.

You would be amazed to know that millions of Instagram users visit a single business profile each day. Such is the exposure that you are getting.

Around 8% of the users use the platform to research products and services. Additionally, Instagram has made shopping easier because around 130 million users tap on the shopping posts day in and day out.

So all that you have to do is develop a visually appealing website and see that users pour into your website.

5. Price Point

Now comes the business end of this. Instagram ads are extremely effective in driving traffic and you barely have invested a lot into this.

According to a recent study, it comes out that Instagram Ads generate a Click Through Rate of 0.58%. This is much healthier compared to the CTR of other sites.

Therefore the advantage is clearly perceived. You must be elated to know that you can run ads on Instagram Ads for as low as $1 a day.

And if you want the ads that are charged for posts, engagements, and video views, you should allocate at least $5 per day. Still, it is reasonable.


The facts and figures provided in support of Instagram Ads clearly show that there is a good opportunity for you to leverage your business prospects.

So ensure that you make the best out of the social media platform to reap the benefits.
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