A List of Countries That Have Won The World Cup Trophies

A List of Countries That Have Won The World Cup Trophies

The World Cup is the most important and prestigious football tournament globally since it brings together teams from nations worldwide to fight for a single prize. Every nation always makes a lot of effort to participate in this tournament and, if possible, take home the trophy.

Furthermore, many people believe that a winner of the Ballon d'Or who has not also won the World Cup is not yet a true champion. Only eight nations have been able to take home the World Cup Trophy since it was first introduced.

This article provides a brief history of the World Cup Tournament, including a list of the nations that have taken home the World Cup trophy and information on when and where the next World Cup will be held.

World Cup Tournament History

The first World Cup was held in 1930, just a few years after World War I. Realists had proposed the League of Nations should establish a meeting place for individuals from different nations. The World Cup's name implies that it gives each nation a feeling of belonging.

Since 1930, there have been 20 different winners of the World Cup. Uruguay won the first World Cup in 1930 by defeating Argentina and claiming the world's first champion title. World War II erupted in 1939, preventing the two World Cups in 1942 and 1948. Before that, the World Cup had been three successive iterations.

After the Second World War, the contest picked up where it left off. With a record-tying fifth time in 2002, Brazil is often recognized as the tournament's most prosperous nation.
When Will the Next World Cup, and Which Country Will Host It?

It has been announced that Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup. It's remarkable as it will be the first World Cup held by an Arab nation and a Muslim-majority nation and the second World Cup held in Asia. Initially, South Korea held the event in 2002.

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Which Countries Have Won the World Cup Trophy?

Brazil has been the most successful team in World Cup history, having won five championships and being the only country to have competed in many World Cup finals competitions. Italy and Germany tie with four titles each. France, the current titleholder, and Uruguay and Argentina have two titles each, while England and Spain have one trophy each.

There are a few noteworthy aspects to consider about Brazil's status as the nation with the most victories in World Cup competition. Between 1950 and 2002, the World Cup Final was contested by either Brazil or Germany on all but one occasion. Argentina's victory over the Netherlands in 1978 was the only time history was broken.

Only once have Brazil and Germany faced each other in the final of a tournament: in 2002, when Germany's goalkeeper Oliver Kahn made a mistake that allowed Brazil to seize the lead, they would not give up.

The efforts made by the Netherlands are another thing to understand. The Netherlands failed to win the World Cup despite making it to the final three times, losing to Argentina, Germany, and Spain.

The World Cup alternates hosts each year, but when the host country does well, it always provides more entertainment for a football fan. More enthusiasm comes from seeing a nation's support in action. At some point, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Uruguay, France, and England won the World Cup on home soil.

Despite owning the most World Cup championships and twice serving as the tournament's host nation, Brazil is not one of those teams. More than 150,000 spectators witnessed Brazil fall to Uruguay in the 1950 championship. Then, in 2014, a humiliating 7-1 loss in the semifinals forced the hosts to leave.

Each year, each of these teams enters the World Cup to add to their collection of trophies. Of course, Italy is not included since it missed out on qualifying for the 2022 World Cup for the second time.


The nations that have won the most World Cups are a select bunch. They have a history of delivering world-class talent yearly. Only eight nations have won the World Cup. England and Spain have appeared in one World Cup final.

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