How Much Does It Cost To Create A HealthCare App in 2023?

How Much Does It Cost To Create A HealthCare App in 2023?

The healthcare industry thrived during the pandemic in 2020 and is also a great source of economic growth worldwide. In COVID-19, many people are inclined toward healthcare apps because of their convenience and accessibility. As a result, there was a 25% increase in healthcare app downloads.

The increasing usage of mobile apps has led multiple business owners to invest in healthcare app development for better business growth. When hiring any mobile app development company, the first question that comes to the entrepreneur’s mind is- what will be the development cost of healthcare apps?

The first thing to know is that- there is no definite cost of developing any healthcare app, and it will vary from various factors. Such as which platform you want for your app, the UI/UX, integration of advanced features, and more.

The blog has discussed the different factors affecting the cost of building a healthcare app. However, we will first see the importance of healthcare apps for your business.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Develop Healthcare Apps for Their Business?

With the acceptance of technology, the development of healthcare apps has increased, delivering a smooth user experience. By bringing all the resources to the patient or doctor, high-performing healthcare apps are advantageous for everyone.

Healthcare applications, for instance, assist patients by connecting them with reputable doctors, assisting them in finding suitable clinics, examining medical facilities, and more. Whereas doctors can connect with patients anywhere around the world, provide consultation or medicines, etc.

Most importantly, healthcare apps lead to hassle-free communication with patients, can create healthcare awareness among the common group, and more.

In short, healthcare app development is an excellent evolution in the medical industry.

Factors That Affect the Overall Cost of Healthcare Apps

The healthcare app development cost is not fixed and will differentiate from several factors, like the platform you pick and the addition of basic or advanced features.

Let’s look at the different factors that influence the cost of building a high-quality healthcare app.
- Pick the Suitable App Development Platform
The first factor that can influence the cost of a healthcare app is the platform you will pick. Choosing the right app development platform that will fit your business requirements and budget is essential.

The cost of Android and iOS platforms is the same, which might cost you over $50,000. Whereas the price of a healthcare app for cross-platform costs more than $75,000.

- Integration of Healthcare App Features

Another factor affecting a healthcare app's cost is integrating basic and advanced features.

Adding basic features to your healthcare apps, like easy login, or notifications, will be less expensive. On the other hand, an app with advanced features, like video calling or appointment scheduling, is quite costly yet worth the investment.

For starters, the cost of a healthcare app with basic features for iOS and Android platforms will be more than $5,000, and integrating advanced features costs over $10,000.

- Creating Engaging UI/UX Design

If you want to form a first impression on your targeted audience and encourage them to download your healthcare app, ensure to create an aesthetically pleasing app design.

A healthcare app with an interactive user interface is imperative as it will drive the maximum number of users to your app. So, make the first impression last; however, you need to spend money for the same. On average, designing a healthcare app costs more than $20,000.

- Healthcare App Testing Cost

Before launching the final version of your healthcare app, test it properly to eliminate the risk of errors or glitches. This way, the chances of your targeted audience becoming loyal customers will increase. Besides that, users share confidential information, like phone numbers or credit/debit card details; therefore, making your app highly secure is essential.

You can consider hiring a mobile app development company, where app developers will provide you with robust app testing for top-notch security. The average cost of healthcare app testing is more than $10,000.

- Post Delivery Healthcare App Maintenance

You must offer post-app launch maintenance and support services to your potential users for a flawless experience, leading to better business growth. After launching the final version, the app maintenance services ensure that the app is updated with the latest features and designs.

Moreover, the post-delivery services will keep your healthcare app ahead of the competition and give you a competitive edge. The cost of maintaining a healthcare app is more than $10,000; however, it will be worth the investment.


The healthcare industry has flourished even more since the pandemic, and mobile apps have become a huge buzz. Therefore, developing a unique healthcare app with features like push notifications, appointment scheduling, and easy doctor consultation is highly advisable.

While considering an app development company for your healthcare app, consider all the factors mentioned above that will affect the cost. Also, it will be your one-time investment, so think wisely.

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