The History Of El Clásico

The History Of El Clásico

There are a few derbies that have the ability of not only paralyzing their own countries but also the entire world. One of these cases is the Spanish El Clásico, which is the incredible match where Barcelona and Real Madrid play against each other. Obviously, this spectacular match can also be wagered on the http://1xbet.co.ke/ online bookmaker.

As it tends to happen with many other derbies around the world, the rivalry from these teams also has some non-sporting roots. Here politics will be kept to an absolute minimum. However, it suffices to say that for many, Real Madrid represents the unity of Spain as a country. For others, Barcelona represents the Catalan identity that has sometimes tried to create an independent country of its own. The 1xBet online bookmaker can be used to wager on these two squads from tablets and desktop computers.
Different realities

Real Madrid has not always been the powerhouse for which it is currently known. In fact, during the 1940s it was an average club that even had some serious chances of disappearing due to financial problems. Punters can use the popular Kenyan betting apps - 1xBet website can be visited to download them and wager on all Spanish football squads.

However, in 1943 a turning point came. Here Real Madrid absolutely destroyed Barcelona 11-1 in a match played in the Copa del Generalísimo. This match on its own can warrant an entire book, yet, suffices to say that this started to improve Madrid’s luck. The popular betting apps from 1xBet Kenya can be used to wager at any moment when Real Madrid and Barcelona face each other.
The transfer saga of Alfredo di Stéfano

Some players have also represented milestones in the history of this rivalry. Some of them played on both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Others were ready to join one of the teams only to change their minds at the last second and go to the other. Before the next edition of this match is played, you can go to http://1xbet.co.ke/casino and try out hundreds of different games.

Some players that have been important in the history of El Clásico are:
• Evaristo;
• Luís Figo;
and Alfredo di Stéfano.

The latter is another milestone in the rivalry between those two teams. The transfer saga of Alfredo di Stéfano is a story of its own. Yet, summarizing, it can be said that both Barcelona and Real Madrid fought to hire the player from Colombian team Millonarios. By the way, this Colombian squad is also present at 1xBet, and punters can wager on all its matches.

Eventually, the Argentinian moved to the Spanish Capital, where he became one of the most important players in the history of the club. Yet, it is impossible to speak about this rivalry without mentioning this legendary footballer.


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