The Most Famous Casino Singers

The Most Famous Casino Singers

Those who visit a casino expecting only to see a series of table games or slot machines should adjust their expectations. After all, inside a place like this there is much more than interesting games. Because there are artists who usually perform in exclusive shows in casinos.

While indoors you can relax and test reliable online casinos, such as สล็อตเว็บตรง, when you visit a real casino you should bring your best evening attire to prepare for the big shows that take place in these places. To put a taste in your mouth, check out the most famous singers who have performed in casinos.

Elvis Presley

While he was still alive, Elvis was a regular at casinos and used to perform for gamblers – who, by the way, loved the world rock star. In the year 1969, Elvis began his performances at The International and won the hearts of fans right from the start. It was Elvis that Las Vegas bet on to transform the way in which people saw celebrity concerts in casinos. After all, Presley went beyond his great music and danced like never before. The rock'n roll star also took the opportunity to make some jokes and amuse the audience. In the film production Elvis, which was released in 2022, it is possible to feel some of the energy that this star brought to the stage in his performances. Elvis' story remains marked in the bustling life of Las Vegas, with his songs "A Little Less Conversation" and "Viva Las Vegas" still present in the city of sin.

Britney Spears

Loved by some and very controversial for others, Britney Spears was also one of the names in showbiz that brought new air to Las Vegas. The talented singer could not resist the glamor of Vegas and began performing in one of the most iconic casinos in the city of sin, Planet Hollywood. With the show “Piece of Me”, Britney mixed the greed of the players with her successes that surpassed generations. To get an idea of how much Britney impacted on Las Vegas coffers, the singer generated more than 138 million dollars between the years 2013 and 2017 with her shows. To spice up her shows even more, Britney bet on a well-designed costume and provocative dances to draw even more attention from those who visited Las Vegas to see her.

Elton John

With the show “The Million Dollar Piano”, Elton John was also one of the residents of Las Vegas. At Caesars Palace, the same place where Celine Dion also performed, Elton enchanted visitors with his piano concert between 2011 and 2018. Caesars Palace seems to be the casino preferred by other artists as well.

Adele, for example, had one of her concerts scheduled for Caesars Palace, but some setbacks meant that she had to postpone the schedule. Now it remains to prepare the tickets so as not to miss other names that promise to make history in Las Vegas casinos.
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