Immigration to Malta in 2023: Guide for Expats

Immigration to Malta in 2023: Guide for Expats

People with high status prefer to live in comfortable places. Malta, located on the Mediterranean coast, has a unique nature and beautiful views. Maltese people are friendly to tourists. Living on the island has a lot of benefits. For a financially independent person, obtaining citizenship is not difficult. In our article, you will learn the benefits of Malta citizenship by investment program, namely:
  1. There is no need to learn foreign languages. Communication takes place in English in most cases, especially among young people.
  2. Warm, comfortable climate. The seasons change smoothly, and the number of sunny days reaches 300. Summers are arid; winters are mild.
  3. Security. Malta gets the leading positions in security. A large number of police officers tirelessly monitor the observance of order.
  4. Special programs and requirements are designed to attract foreigners.
  5. Wonderful food. The original serving of fish and seafood dishes cannot be compared to any other country. Rabbit stewed in red wine is a national dish.
  6. Immigrate to Malta. It is carried out with the contribution of investment and other means.
  7. European standards of educational services. Get the certification document and get a job in any European country.
  8. High-quality medicine. It is indicated by the high life expectancy of the country's citizens.
  9. Flexible tax system. Property capital, a deed of gift, and inheritance are not taxed. There is a particular tax approach for the formalization of the residency.

The information and economic industries are well developed; the hotel business, marine navigation, and aviation are flourishing. Likewise, financial services are at the highest level.

Moving to the island is available only to wealthy individuals. The country's government has put forward requirements of a mandatory contribution of 600-750 thousand euros. A donation to national government organizations engaged in charity is 10,000 euros. There are also requirements for buying real estate for at least 700 000 euros. It is possible to arrange the lease of the premises, which will be at least 16 000 euros.

Opportunities to relocate

Immigration to Malta and residency can be arranged using other options. Read more about this below:
  1. Employment in the company (an employment contract must be provided).
  2. Admission to a higher education institution.
  3. Family reunification is a valid criterion for citizenship.
  4. Doing business on the island.
  5. Qualified immigration for individuals is possible.

The benefits associated with living in Malta are undeniable. However, mandatory conditions, such as buying or renting a home, are imposed since a registration address is required.
Issue citizenship to the depositor

The procedure is somewhat troublesome, but the result is worth the effort. It is recommended to use the services of an eligible agent, who will deal with the registration and filing of documents. It is forbidden by the country's law to do it on your own. The agent supports you every step of the way:

● insurance processing;
● choice of eligible real estate;
● residency registration;
● requirements execution, and so on.

When applying for residency, the concerned person and their family must present documents: personal, criminal record certificate, health insurance, and rental agreement. In addition, it is recommended to obtain prior consultation with a lawyer.

A mandatory due diligence procedure will help verify the investor's clean background and legitimate sources of financial condition. If the result is positive, it is possible to qualify for obtaining citizenship to charitable foundations.
Programs for foreigners

There are favorable offers for the purchase of the real estate. However, the opportunity to receive citizenship of the island for investment puts forward mandatory requirements. Those wishing to apply for the process should meet them. To obtain a passport, you must buy or rent a house for a certain amount. In addition to the investor, his family members in his care have the right to get a passport.

As noted by an expert on investment programs in Portugal, Victor Esik (company Immigrant Invest), there are several options to move to the island by investing money:

● Obtain residency with a mandatory fee starting from 30,000 euros, and other indicators are checked;
● Obtain citizenship with a minimum contribution of 700,000 euros to the country's economic development;
● using the program presented by the government (120,000 euros).

These options are available to candidates over the age of 18 years, who are willing to prove financial capability, and income obtained in a legal way. No criminal record is a prerequisite.

Planning to spend your life on a warm Mediterranean island? The Malta Global Residence Program is recommended. It successfully attracts investors: with favorable conditions and free movement within the Schengen area.

The following possibilities open up:

● own rented housing;
● economic confidence;
● Travel to Malta;
● flexible tax system;
● EU health insurance.

The program is available to residents of countries outside the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. An obligatory condition is a confident financial situation and the availability of health insurance. Family and children under 25 years old are automatically included in the program.

It is possible to obtain citizenship without actually being in the country through the permanent residency program. Permanent resident status is granted for 12 weeks. The unlimited period of residence and free access to the Schengen countries are indisputable benefits of this process. Individuals who can make the following investments participate in the program:

● buying and renting real estate;
● non-refundable monetary contribution;
● donation to charitable organizations.

There are requirements that it is necessary to renew the documents every five years.

Another way to obtain citizenship is by investing your money in an economic development fund. In this case, the following categories of people can obtain a certificate:

● a person who takes part in the economic development of the country;
● spouse;
● parents;
● dependent children under the age of majority;
● grandmothers, grandfathers.

Choose the most eligible option for your residency processing.
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