We accept guest posts however they must pass some criteria, which include:

- Make sure they are very quality articles. This is the most important please. You can see a sample guest post or check this out too. We know you love quality articles, our readers do too, we do too and Google loves them best.
- Check the articles for grammatical errors first before submission, we receive so many submissions. Please help save our time. You can use a website like Grammar Check For Sentence for that. 
- You can write on any topic, even if you have not seen it on our blog before. This is a multi-niche blog.
- All links will be no-follow, if you're not with that, please don't submit.
- Avoid plagiarism, it's not us, it's Google. They hate copied articles. We test all articles before publishing. Test your articles with Small SEO Tools before sending them to us.
- Avoid including affiliate links like Amazon and Konga links in your posts, we will remove them without apologies.
- Make sure they are non-promotional. If you need a sponsored post, then visit our advert page.
- We don't take down posts after publication. This is because they harm our SEO. 
- We reserve the rights to edit all articles submitted to us, this include the title, body, links and images.
- Include maximum 2 links in each 1,000 words.
- Please make sure your posts submitted are up to 650 words, this is to ensure maximum quality.
- Avoid submitting more than one article at a time. This is to make sure you provide the best.
- While submitting your guest posts to us, don't praise a product or service.
Just make it as natural as possible. We know you want to send people to your own site, just don't make it too obvious!
- To submit your articles, kindly forward them to [email protected] or use this form and in no time, they would be live here!
You can also contact us for more inquiries!
- You can see more on our submissions policy.

The Information Guide Africa Team