How To Make ₦200,000+ Online Monthly As A LintolPay Agents

How To Make ₦200,000+ Online Monthly As A LintolPay Agents

I thought we all agreed we were going to make plenty money this year?

How much is plenty? There are over a hundred ways you can make money online as a Nigerian, and we shared a lot of them in this article.

Majority of the things we wrote about in the article require a lot of capital to set up, some ways like ecommerce and Forex trading.
Even the other ways like blogging are both time and money consuming, as well as stressful on their own.

However, there are a lot of things you can do online to make yourself a good living, and they won't have to break your back.
One of these things is working as a LintolPay agent!

What Is LintolPay About, And How Can You Become An Agent?

LintolPay is one of the biggest platforms for buying of data and airtime, as well as making TV and electricity bills payments online.
They offer some of the cheapest prices in the market, and you can get MTN 1GB data for only ₦280.

Now, as an agent you can get these stuffs at much more cheaper rates, meaning better rates when you sell to your friends and family.
It's very easy, and you don't need a shop or something!
All you need is to make posts on your WhatsApp statuses or Facebook walls telling your friends they can purchase data and airtime from you at awesome discounts, and watch the orders rolling in!

Other amazing offers:
• You earn 5% instant commission on any of your friends you refer to make a purchase
• There's also a 5% referral earnings for deposits

Payment of DsTV, GoTv and Startimes subscriptions are extremely affordable and easy, and you can make your electricity bills payments stresslessly.

How To Become A LintolPay Agent

Becoming a LintolPay agent is very easy;
• Visit their official website and click register at the top, or you can use this link.
• Select your username, email and phone number.
• Enter the referral username of whoever referred you, then enter password and confirm.

That's all!
You can contact support if you have any issues or drop them as comments.

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