Racksterli Review: Make Sure You Read This Before Signing Up


In this article, I'd be sharing an honest review of the Racksterli affiliate marketing income program.

As you all know, I've never been a fan of Ponzi schemes and I only review platforms after confirming that it works (or doesn't work). I've been hearing about the Racksterli income program for months now and have gotten a few calls from our readers interested in knowing how it works and whether they should register with it or not.

About Racksterli 

Racksterli is an affiliate marketing income program that pays users commissions for sharing daily sponsored posts. Commission paid varies, depending on the user's initial investment. For example, if you join with ₦14,000, you'll earn ₦722 every day for 30 days (total = ₦21,660), while someone that joined with ₦112,000 will earn ₦5,928 every day for 30 days (total = ₦177,840). We'll explain the different packages as we proceed.

Who owns Racksterli?

This is one of the most popular questions I've heard users ask about the Racksterli program. The platform is owned by Mr Michael Oti Chidiebere (BlackGold). 
Mr Michael Oti Chidi
Blackgold and Davido

He is the owner of the popular WhatsApp TV, Blackgold with thousands of viewers. Blackgold also owns one of the biggest gadget shops in Lagos State.

Racksterli Packages

Racksterli has seven packages;
The standard package: ₦14,000 to get $1.9 (₦722) per day.
The premium package: ₦28,000 to get $3.9 (₦1,482) per day.
The platinum package: ₦56,000 to get $7.8 (₦2,964) per day
The gold package: ₦112,000 to get $15.6 (₦5,928) per day.
The diamond package: ₦280,000 to get $39 (₦14,820) per day. 
• The ruby package: ₦560,000 to get $74.42 (₦28,279) per day.
The emerald package: ₦1,120,000 to get $148.25(₦56,335) per day.
NOTE: You have to log in to your dashboard every day before you earn. Your daily revenue depends on your package.

Is Racksterli legit?

This is one of the popular questions I hear from people and I'll be dropping my opinion on it and why I think it should last. Racksterli domain (racksterli.com) was registered on May 12, 2020, by Micheal Chidiebere.

He registered it with the address 8b Celestine Ofunne street and phone number +234.7052714009. If it was a fraudulent scheme, he would have used some fake details, or at least, hidden his details. The whole info on the site is available online for anyone to view.

From the onset, we've not gotten any bad reviews of the platform. One thing that makes it different from the other similar platforms is that users have to renew their subscription every month. For example, after withdrawing your earnings, you can decide to continue or pull out.

The company also has 30 employees and the have plans of employing more soon. They recently acquired their permanent office location, a two-storey building in Lagos. No company will want to do all these investments when they don't have a good plan for the future.

How To Join

Registering on Racksterli is very easy, you just have to follow the steps below:
• Contact me for a trusted coupon vendor. You can also get the list of trusted vendors on the official website
• Visit the official website. At this point, you should have gotten your coupon code. You'll be needing it at the point of registration.
• If you're reading this, I have an eBook on how to make money as a writer for you. It is worth ₦3,000, but I'll be giving it to you for free if you sign-up with my referral link. if you use the link, you lose nothing, while I gain a small commission for telling you about the platform. You can contact me with the link below for the eBook.
• Fill in all the required details. Endeavour to use your real name while registering, the name you use in your bank account to avoid having issues.
• Bravo! Welcome to the club. You're now a full member of Racksterli and will start partaking from the daily earnings.

NOTE: Instead of making mistakes, you can contact me to help you with the whole processes. I'll connect you with my vendor and also help you with the registration processes. Our WhatsApp number is available on the contact us page.

How to get coupon code for Racksterli

There are different coupon vendors on the platform for you to choose. You can also contact me with +2348157449397 on WhatsApp for your coupon code.
I don't sell it, but I have a trusted dealer that will get the code for you in minutes.

Referral System

You will also earn from Racksterli when you refer your friends. For every person you refer to the standard package you earn $3 and for every person you refer to the premium package you earn $8. It also applies to other packages.

What more?

Thanks for reading along. Feel free to drop us a comment if you encounter any issues. ou can also contact the Racksterli, they have a very active customer care service.
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