How To Create A WhatsApp TV (Plus 5 Easy Ways To Make Money From It)

How To Create A WhatsApp TV
In this article, we'd be seeing all you need to know about creating a WhatsApp TV, plus 5 tips on how to make money from it.
WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app in the world with over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries. According to a 2019 data released by The Global State of Digital, at least 85% of Nigeria's 24 million active social media users are on WhatsApp. This makes it one of the surest ways of reaching customers.
But does WhatsApp currently accept adverts? Nup...in our article on how WhatsApp makes money, we explained some WhatsApp's future plans, including how they might be including an in-app option soon.

What is WhatsApp TV?

Many business owners are interested in promoting their brands on WhatsApp but haven't been able to do so because of the unavailability of the option for now. So if you're able to provide an audience, you'll be making good money advertising for the brands.
How To Create A WhatsApp TV
WhatsApp TV (or television) involves using a special WhatsApp account to entertain of pass information to users via the status update options.
As you know, WhatsApp can currently accommodate an unlimited number of users, unlike Facebook that has a peak limit of 5,000 friends. This isn't just applicable to the official WhatsApp app, but also the GB Whatsapp.
I've seen a number of WhatsApp TVs sharing different things ranging from jokes, to news, memes and even adult posts. One good thing about the WhatsApp TVs is that users tend to respond to posts on WhatsApp more than other social networks.
How To Create A WhatsApp TV
This is partially because people tend to be closer to their WhatsApp contacts more than the other platforms. So the aim of the WhatsApp TV will be to provide a kind of entertainment maybe funny videos, memes or others.

Requirements to open a WhatsApp Status

You won't be needing a website or app to launch your WhatsApp TV, just the regular stuff you use for your daily activities.
Below are the requirements for starting a WhatsApp TV:
A phone: You'll be needing an Android or IOS device to start with. The device should have a good RAM to keep it from hanging, plus ROM to accommodate as many contacts as possible.
Status downloader: There are many status downloaders available in the Android and Apple stores, and most of them are free, with options of upgrading to premium to access certain features which might include removing ads. You'd be needing this if you intend downloading and reposting status from your contacts as well.
WhatsApp Business app: Since you won't be using your main WhatsApp for this, I'd advise you get the official WhatsApp business app from your phone's app stores. It is free, and will also help you access many other features not available in the regular app.
Video editing apps: This is not so compulsory, but very necessary. You'll need it for editing your videos and adding watermarks. When people share your videos, the watermarks will help you gain more users that you might not have reached even with paid ads. 
SOme good video editing apps that you can download on Android and IOS include LumaFusion (iOS), Apple Clips (iOS), Filmmaker Pro (iOS), iMovie (iOS), KineMaster Pro (Android) and FilmoraGo (Android).
Back up: You should also consider backing up your contacts online in case something happens to your phone. This is very necessary, and free if you'd be using Google Drive.
Brand name: Your brand name is another very important feature that will help gain users. It should be spicy enough to give people a clue about what your TV is about.
A logo: Your logo is also as important as your brand name, and should include a tagline. You can create your logo online with graphics design software like Canva or download a graphics design app from your app store.
How to design the WhatsApp TV
• Download the WhatsApp app (preferably business) from your app store
• Add your phone number and set up the other details, including your logo
• Navigate to your setting to edit your quick replies. This option isn't available in the normal WhatsApp.
How To Create A WhatsApp TV
The feature works like a bot, provided you're online. 

You could also personalize the link so that your users don’t forget what to do when they click your link. 
For example, https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=234XXXXXXXXXX&text=Hello,+I+want+to. The customized link sends: Hello, I want to be a part of the Family. 
Notice that the link contains mainly your Whatsapp TV’s phone number beginning with 234 and the text – “Hello, I want…”
You can also customize the text to show whatever you want. Feel free to explore the link by sending test messages to your main number or any other available one.

How to monetize your WhatsApp TV

Affiliate marketing: This involves referring your viewers to buy products with your referral link. For example, you can gist them about a new phone with an amazing camera that you're sure they'd want to check out. When you're done describing the phone, you'll share a Jumia or Konga link to make them know that it's available 
Referrals: This is similar to the affiliate marketing discussed above, but you won't be needing to sell any products to your viewers, but rather invite them to join a platform that will pay you per conversion. For example, Piggyvest will pay you ₦1,000 per user you bring to their platform, if you're able to bring 10 users in a day, you should be in a better position to share how much you'd be making so far they fulfil the whole steps involved.
Sponsored adverts: As your channel gains popularity, you'd begin getting sponsored requests from business owners. This naturally happens, especially if you watermark your videos with your logo.
Sales of products: You can also sell your products to your audience. Things like clothes, shoes, phone accessories and even digital products will captivate your reader's interests.
If you offer some services like website creation, you can also get customers from your WhatsApp TV. While you shouldn't bore them with your product, you can occasionally post it to remind your viewers that you offer such services.
Blog links: If you have a blog, this will also be a great way of getting traffic. Imagine having 10,000 people waiting to read your latest blog post. You'll be making good money from ad networks and other ways of monetizing your blog
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