Is It Possible to Vape Without Nicotine?

Is It Possible to Vape Without Nicotine?

Whether the fluid includes nicotine or not, vaping causes negative effects. These adverse effects differ according to the base of the fluid such as nic salt, flavorings, and other additives utilized. We still don't know a lot about e-cigarettes and vaping use. Long-term and short-term impacts are being studied.

Here's what we are aware about the negative effects of nicotine-free and nicotine-containing vaping fluids.

Are there side effects when you start vaping with no nicotine?

The negative long-term impacts of vaping conventional fluids that are free from nicotine are yet unknown. The following are a few of the real estate short negative effects of non-nicotine vaping.


Ingredients in vape juices might irritate the tongue and airways when hot.

According to one 2015 research, when you inhale a non-nicotine shisha pen it contains glycerol, and propylene glycol, basically two base liquids that produce irritation.

These chemicals, when vaporized, have the potential to produce, carcinogenic, or cancer-causing substances.


Vaping Nicotine-free appears to elicit an immunological response as well. According to one in-vitro researched published in 2018, exposure can trigger an inflammatory reaction in the immune system cells.

The throat or lungs may have an inflammatory reaction as a result of vaping. Vaping regularly may trigger an inflammatory reaction all throughout the body.


A studyin in-vitroreleased in 2018 discovered that access to vapor of e-cigarettecaused cell damage even if nicotine was not present. The damaged cells are found in the lungs and protect the body from infectious particles, toxins, and allergies in the air you breathe.

What is the difference between a vape with nicotine?

There is a considerable quantity of data documenting nicotine's negative effects, however most researches focus on exposure of nicotine via cigarette use. Risks to one's health include an inflated chance of respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive diseases, also weakened reproductive health and immune system.

It indicates that vaping with no nicotine is better than vaping with nicotine. Needless to say, additional study is needed to determine the general long-term security of vaping, independent of nicotine content.

What is the difference between this and smoking cigarettes?

If you're attempting to stop smoking, vaping using nicotine-free products may be a safer option. However, it is critical to realize that both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free e-cigarettes pose concerns.

Does the flavor of the juice make a difference?

39 out of 51 tastes tested showed diacetyl concentrations above the testing guideline. Researchers discovered that cinnamon, or cinnamaldehyde flavoring, contains the most substantial damaging effect on the white blood cells based on a 2018 research.

Are there any ingredients to stay away from?

The FDA licenses vaping liquids and vaping devices, including nicotine-free liquids. Manufacturers must put a warning notice on all nicotine-containing goods.

Manufacturers are not allowed to publish listings of vape liquid components to customers, making it difficult to determine which products you should avoid.

What about cannabis vaporizers?

Although cannabis vaporizers do not actually contain nicotine, nevertheless it might have adverse effects.

These negative effects are generally induced by tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary element in marijuana.

When should you consult a doctor or any other healthcare professional?

If you have any on the symptoms listed, schedule a doctor’s appointment or other health professionals

• Dry mouth
• Mouth sores or ulcers that seems not to heal
• Chronic coughing
• Bleeding gums
• Receding gums
• Persistent sore throat
• Toothache 

Your medical provider can evaluate the symptoms and decide if they are vaping effects or a core problem.

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