5 Tips On How To Successfully Switch From Smoking To Vaping

5 Tips On How To Successfully Switch From Smoking To Vaping
It is well-known that smoking has a myriad of harmful effects including causing throat and lung cancer as well as discolouring the teeth and loss of the sense of taste.
Switching from smoking to vaping could help to avoid these adverse effects.

Vapes come in many different forms ranging from vape pens to sleek gadgets. Users inhale the vapour that is produced by heating e-juice that may or may not contain nicotine and has varying flavours.

Why vape?

One fact abounds: vaping is less harmful than smoking. Since vaping does not involve burning tobacco but instead involves heating e-juice to produce vapour that the vapers inhale, it is less harmful than smoking. It exposes users to less toxic chemicals and carcinogens as compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. People may vape for fun, to substitute smoking as the way of getting their nicotine dose, or for other reasons. You can easily find vape pens and e-liquids of different flavors online on sites like Smokea.

Vaping tips for beginners

If you are new to vaping and especially if you are switching from smoking to using e-cigarettes, here are some useful tips:

• Choose the right nicotine strength e-liquid

While switching from smoking to vaping, getting the right nicotine strength e-juice is critical. Make sure that you do not get one with too high nicotine content or you will end up with a throbbing headache. Conversely, if you pick one that is too weak, you will be left dissatisfied with a craving for nicotine and could revert to smoking. As a smoker working on quitting, you should first switch to vaping and then reduce your nicotine intake gradually.

• Buy vape supplies from reliable vendors

Avoid purchasing vape supplies from untrustworthy sources. With a world dominated by fraudsters, be keen when selecting which vape device to use as well as the e-juice and accessories. The device that you use determines your level of enjoyment and other things. Vape pens are commonly used and are known to be easy to use for beginners. You do not have to worry about where to buy your vape supplies since there are reliable sellers and you can even check online for electronic cigarettes for sale from some of the leading global manufacturers.

• Have a battery backup

It is also a good idea that you have a reliable battery backup. Your battery can run out of power unexpectedly, so have a backup plan. Some users keep extra batteries in their bags and move around with them. This may sound crazy, but it helps you combat uncertainties of your battery running low. However, be cautious while carrying your batteries to avoid short-circuiting if the terminals are connected by something metallic.

• Choose the right flavour

Vaping is all about flavour. You must make the right choice of flavours. Explore the wide variety of flavours available in the market and choose those that you feel they are best for you. Some users even mix flavours. But for beginners in vaping, it is strongly advisable not to mix them. With time, you can learn how to make the best combinations.

• Drink water as you vape

What you may not know is that you could suffer not only from a dry mouth but also a dry nose and even throat. This is expected, but you should not worry. Some of the ingredients of e-juice are hydroscopic and draw water from your mouth, throat, and nose as you inhale the vapour. As you get more accustomed to vaping, the dryness will be less noticeable. Drink an extra glass of water when you begin vaping.


Swapping smoking with vaping is certainly a big change in your habit and lifestyle, so you need to be patient with yourself to gradually learn how to do it well. You should take your time to learn things and experiment with several flavours and vape devices and enjoy the experience. However, be aware that vaping can affect your health, so do it cautiously even if it is less harmful than smoking.
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