Do You Really Need A Mattress Protector?

Do You Really Need A Mattress Protector?

If you have just bought a best mattress Australia for your bedroom, you must be thinking how to protect this investment.

Is it possible to enjoy the softness, comfort and breathability of the mattress while simultaneously shielding it from liquids, dirt and bugs? What can you do if you spill something on the mattress? Is it possible to erase a stain by just cleaning the mattress? The ultimate question is, do you really need a mattress protector? 

You can definitely clean the mattress when there is one spill or after some months. However, there is no better way to shield your mattress and your health by buying a mattress protector. Many high-end mattress protectors fit the mattress like a fitted sheet. 

Moreover, you can throw the protector in the washing machine along with the pillows and bedsheets. The hypoallergenic nature of the mattress protector shields it from bed bugs, germs, all types of liquids and dust mites. And the protector keeps the mattress looking and feeling brand new for years. 

Buying a mattress protector in Pakistan before you actually need it will allow you to save thousands of dollars in the future. But what are mattress protectors and mattress encasements? How is it possible to find one which is good for you and is it a worthy investment? Read our overview of mattress protection below along with tips for buying one which will be worth it. 

Should You Buy a Mattress Protector or a Mattress Encasement? What is the Difference Between Them?

There are two types of mattress protection. A mattress protector is a waterproof cover which keeps the top layer safe. As for the mattress encasement, it covers the complete mattress for maximum protection. Both types provide excellent protection but there are slight differences between the two, when it comes to the utility and feel. 

Mattress Protectors

Many mattress protectors cover the mattress like a fitted bed sheet on the bed. It does not cover the whole mattress but it shields it from many accidental spills, allergens and germs. It is made of water resistant materials which still allow significant breathability and continuous airflow. 

If you have a mattress with cooling Technology in the topmost layer, the mattress protector will maintain the advantages of the cooling technology while also protecting the mattress. 

Select a Mattress Protector if You:

1. Want protection from accidental spills and allergens but something which is almost unnoticeable through the bed sheets

2. Are planning to frequently clean the mattress for removing allergens

3. Have a tight budget and want to save money

4. Want to have an easy and simple laundry care 

5. A removable protection method

Mattress Encasement

This is similar to mattress protectors because it shields your investment. However, it is made to give maximum protection of the lifetime of the mattress and your health. Mattress encasement is typically zipped and covers the whole mattress from top to bottom. 

Hence, you will get 360° protection. This full coverage can generally be felt through the sheets. Mattress encasement is more reliable and has the ability to keep out bed bugs. However, the full coverage also means that if you remove it for washing, you will have to put in extra effort. 

Select a Mattress Encasement if You:

1. Are willing to spend more money for full coverage and protection.

2. Want a comprehensive protection from allergens, bed bugs and accidental spills. 

3. Have highly sensitive skin or allergies which need more safety

4. Think that the mattress is a high risk area for accidents which include body fluids

How to Get a High-Quality Mattress Protector or Mattress Encasement

There are different types of encasements and protectors in the market. Some types provide basic stain protection whereas others offer protection against bed bugs, allergens, irritants, dead skin, mold and dust mites. The majority of the mattress protection is breathable and will as such restrict the cooling technology of the mattress. 

However, be careful and read reviews by previous or current owners of the mattress protection. This will guarantee that your choice of protection does not degrade the feel of the mattress. In order to search for a high-quality mattress protector or encasement which is worth the money, read the following tips:

1. Read the Reviews

You can never be sure how the protection will feel on the bed until you try it. To get a solid indication before trying, read the reviews carefully. Search for terms like softness and cooling in order to know how the protector feels. 

2. Check the Materials

Many types of mattress protection utilizes materials and fabrics which are resistant to moisture but still let in breathability. For instance, vinyl, Terry cloth, Lycra and polyester are famous materials which allow breathability while simultaneously repelling water. 

3. Know the Length of Protection

Mattress protectors of any standard should be resistant to liquids instantly after contact. However, only a few protectors have the ability to tolerate lengthy exposure to liquids in big quantities. 

Read any reviews which discuss the time duration and amount of keeping the liquid out by a mattress protector. You may not require something which can repel a quarter of liquid for a full day. Therefore, know your specific requirements before reading the reviews. 

Do not be too impressed if a mattress protector can repel huge amounts of liquids for a day on end, though. This is because the more long lasting ability of repelling is equal to lower breathability and that is something no one would ever want to compromise on. 

Why Should You Use Mattress Protection?

There are different cleaning agents and guidelines for cleaning the mattress but it is nearly impossible to erase stains or completely clean the mattress. This serious problem is solved by encasement or protector which repel the stains. 

Mattress protection either repels or absorbs liquids and they can be washed easily in the dryer or machine. In order to retain the integrity of the mattress and enjoy a clean surface to sleep on, you definitely should invest in a good quality mattress protection. It will keep you healthy and happy in the future too. 

Utilizing a mattress protection is usually advised to people who have sensitive skin or serious allergies. A decent encasement or protector can offer the additional layer of protection which you require to prevent flare-ups initiated by basic allergens and irritants. 

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