11 Tips to Improve Your Move-in Process

11 Tips to Improve Your Move-in Process

You’re moving into a new home, and naturally, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Yet, it can be easy to look past some of the essential move-in tasks through all of the new home excitement. 

Below, we have listed 11 Tips to improve your Move-in process so keep reading to ensure that your move goes as planned. 

1. Forward your mail

You can go to USPS or your local post office and fill out a mail forwarding form. This form will have all of your mail forwarded to your new address. Having your mail forwarded is temporary and gives you time to update your mailing address with different companies. Most Post services will provide mail forwarding for up to 12 months.

2. Start packing early and label effectively.

Start packing your belongings a few weeks before your move and leave essentials for last. Then, as you pack, label each box specifically. For example, if you are packing your kitchen utensils, mark the box “utensils” instead of “kitchen. Labeling your boxes in this way helps you find your items easier once your new home’s filled to the brim with boxes.

3. Transfer utilities and cable to be set up the same day as move-in

A few weeks before your big move, you should have your utilities and cable/internet scheduled to transfer to your new home. Depending on how far you are moving, you may or may not be using your current services at the new house. If using the same providers, you should schedule the services to be transferred the day before or the same day that you plan to move. If you are moving outside of your current provider’s service area, you should consider having the services started a few days before your big move.

4. Put essential boxes in the front of the truck to be unloaded last

Packing your boxes of essential items into the moving truck first allows them to be unloaded last. Having your essentials unloaded from the truck last will make these boxes the most easily accessible. When moving, we often underestimate how any boxes may be stacked all over the house, and it can quickly become challenging to find your belongings. 

5. Clean the new home before the move

Cleaning your new home before moving is an important step in the moving process. If close enough, you may be able to clean the house yourself; if not, you can hire a cleaning service to prepare the home for you.

6. Test the home’s functionality

Before moving, take the time to test your electricity, plumbing, individual outlets, light switches, appliances, door and window locks, and heating or cooling systems. The last thing you want is to spend the night at your new home and discover that your windows do not lock or your thermostat is not functioning correctly. 

7. Spend time deciding on a layout

Decide the layout of your new home before you move in. The design of your home is not only important, but fun to create. You can use photos from the home listing or take photos as a reference. Look at these photos, consider the furniture and decor you are bringing and decide how you plan to set up each room. By making these decisions beforehand, your movers can place your furniture and boxes exactly where you plan on keeping them, resulting in a more effortless move-in experience!

8. Hire help

If this move is a big one, consider hiring a moving company and some friends and family that can help. Moving into a new home is a lengthy process that can take multiple days to move on your own. You don’t want to be between homes for numerous days, so hiring help can decrease moving time to just one day. Don’t forget to keep up morale by providing lunch and tipping well!

9. Use a lockbox

Your new home may be far, or you may be a busy person and constantly going to the new home to let service providers in may not be feasible. Instead, you can add a lockbox onto your door, which will provide the key to anyone with the lockbox code. 

10. Research your help

Chances are, you are going to have many people come in and out of your new home during the days leading up to the big move. If you plan to hire a cleaner or moving company, it is essential to research these companies. Consider company rates, look at their ratings and reviews, and use this info to ensure they will be on time and trusted in your home.

11. Schedule your move effectively.

Be sure to schedule your move on a day where you are fully available. Take a few days off of work for moving not only a day but also a few days after for unpacking. If you do not give yourself time to settle in properly, you may have a home full of boxes for days or even weeks. Additionally, knowing that you have provided ample time for your move can eliminate the stress of feeling rushed.

Moving into a new home can be a stress-free experience when appropriately planned. Use this guide to ensure the moving day is a fun experience that allows you to bask in all of the excitement.

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