The Most Popular Mobile Games In Africa

The Most Popular Mobile Games In Africa

In Africa, mobile technology has already ushered in a technological advance with its uses. The evolution of communication technology has surpassed the traditional paradigm used in other nations during the 1900s - fixed-line telephones, telegraph lines, and finally, mobile cell phone connectivity. Africa skipped through this step and jumped straight into the use of mobile phones. Africa now has a plethora of creative mobile app developers and game creators so you wouldn't rely solely on overseas developers each time you need something new.

Smartphones make up most gameplay devices in the worldwide economy. Because smartphone ownership is still large and the electronic payments industry is booming, mobile games are anticipated to grow the next phone industry. Roughly 300,000,000 Africans are expected to use smartphones by the end of 2019, as the electronic payment business is projected to be pegged at roughly $15 billion.

5 Facts About Mobile Gaming

Before we proceed to the most popular mobile games in Africa, let's give you some facts on mobile gaming that will surprise you the most.

30% Of Mobile Phone Gamers In The Globe Play Daily - We can agree that people spend a significant amount of their time on their mobile phones. Experts estimate that in 2020, the average person spent 3.7 hours each day on their mobile phones. Mobile gaming is more appealing because of the convenience given by cell phones. Gamers interact with their popular games daily, regardless of location or existing activities.

Within The First Week Of Buying A Phone, 62% Of Individuals Install Games On It - Over 43% of users' "smartphone time" is spent playing games. And to consider, it all started with Nokia's revolutionary Snake in 1997. Games were first available for free download via Internet access in 2002, and with the App Store in 2008, games became a must-have in every mobile owner's app collection. Candy Crush, released in 2012, was the first genuine addiction-level game. This small application with a basic idea shattered the glass barrier of earnings that everyone expected from a mobile phone game. More big hits fell in line. Candy Crush Saga is no longer the king of the gaming world. Pokémon Go and Fortnite Go have surpassed them.

Men Account For Only 37% Of All Mobile Game Players  - Female gamers are more likely to play and spend on games than male players. As a result, they have a higher market value than male gamers. What was once supposed to be a male-dominated kingdom is now female-dominated. In addition, 60% of all female gamers play daily. Meanwhile, 36% of people who play mobile games spend cash on them. Yes, you read that correctly. The demographics of mobile gaming suggest that women primarily populate it.

Mobile Games Account For 51% Overall Global Revenue, While Console And Computer Games Account For 25% And 24%, Respectively - In 2017, mobile games accounted for 46% of all gaming revenue worldwide. In 2018, this number increased by 5%. It increased by another 3% in 2019. Statistics predicted that percentage to rise to 59 percent by 2022. Many people believe smartphones are becoming less popular. However, we see that mobile phone gaming is sweeping over the industry, and such projections fall far short. Numbers are more powerful than words.

55% Of All Mobile Gamers Are Between The Ages Of 54 And 55, While 21% Are Between The Ages Of 25 And 34 - Teenagers make up merely 8% of mobile gamers. That's not even close to the limit of the surprises in store for you. Yet, society criticizes teenagers for spending too much time on their phones instead of taking time to study and do chores. Isn't that a little hypocritical?

Online Slots And No Deposit Bonuses

Africans may play online casino games on their mobile phones, which is one of the fastest methods to do so. Most African governments licensed casinos many years ago, and with the growing popularity of smartphones in Africa, a significant proportion of players have now shifted to online casino gambling. As a result, many online casinos have registered to offer real money mobile games. Each of these mobile casinos is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

When it comes to picking an online casino to play at, among the most important elements that players consider is the online casino bonus. The online bonuses enable players to increase their bankroll by a set percentage, allowing them the opportunity to play for longer periods. An even better option would be to look for a no deposit free spins bonus. This is usually included to promote a specific slot game. Slots are the most straightforward and fun form of casino games where things get even easier when you have options to play without depositing real money. Some online casinos offer exclusive slots no deposit bonus codes, to promote new titles, or use them as a way to attract new players.

Europa, Yeti, Tropez, Springbok, and Yebo Casino are just a few African online casinos that offer top-quality mobile slots. They have a wide variety of games available, including live and online poker, online slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more.

Africa's Most Popular Mobile Games

Below are some of the most popular mobile games played in Africa. We’ve singled out only a few as African game developers are making their way into the competitive industry.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is, without a doubt, the most popular smartphone game in Africa. According to Google Play Store statistics, the game has received over half a billion downloads and over 26 million reviews. The game adds flavor to solving puzzles by using our inherent craving for sugary meals. On many levels, you have endless opportunities to accomplish goals.

Candy Crush has a social component as well. It allows all players to compete against their Facebook connections. This addictive game is available on all major platforms, including web, PC, and mobile. 

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Since its release in 2013, Asphalt 8 has provided gamers with one of the most thrilling motor racing experiences. The moniker "Airborne" stems from the car's distinctive ramps for taking off into the air.

You can find different seasons in this game. Each season brings a new challenge and increased complexity. Players begin with a rudimentary car and compete against other players in races to win. Players can use their winnings to enhance their automobiles or purchase new ones. New racing autos prove handy when competing in increasingly challenging races.

PUBG Mobile

Player's Unknown Battlegrounds is the acronym for Player's Unknown Battlegrounds. Interactive multiplayer games have recently gained popularity in Africa, with PUBG being among the most popular. The player must create a team with three additional players, parachute to an island, and battle their opponents to play this game.

Character customization is a standout element in PUBG. Before the game begins, a player can choose various goods such as clothing or take them from fallen rivals. The PUBG online community is booming in Africa, with new players interacting on various social networking sites.

Call of Duty Mobile

In the mobile internet area, Call of Duty is a challenger to PUBG. In 2019, Call of Duty released its mobile version, and within a week, it had over 100 million downloads. PUBG and Call of Duty have a similar concept. A player collaborates with other players and uses a parachute to arrive on an undiscovered island. After that, they collaborate to beat other opponents.

During a game, players can get an edge over their competitors by picking up various ammunition and weapons scattered over the island. Several lighting modes to choose from, ranging from simple to complex warfare. Some battles occur outdoors, while others take place inside a building.

Dream League Soccer 2020

In this thrilling football game, users choose their dream squad from a pool of players in the system. Teams can win tournaments, score goals and advance to the league's Elite division by playing this game. You can find popular teams from the top leagues in England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France. Only German Bundesliga teams are glaringly absent.

The current version of the game has additional club management elements added. You may now customize team management, provide lodging, upgrade stadiums and treat wounded players at a clinic.

The Future of Africa's Mobile Gaming Industry

The development of mobile games in Africa has all the essential ingredients: strong economic growth, rising population, and increased smartphone usage rates. Each of these reasons will contribute to mobile gaming's rapid elevation as a sustainable field in the global mobile industry. With two-thirds of the continent's population under the age of 24, the potential for mobile gaming is limitless. This generation will look for new options available to them now that they have access to the internet. Therefore, it is critical to invest in mobile gaming while also making it indigenous to establish a sector that benefits the local community.

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