5 Tips For Hiring A New Member To Your Team

5 Tips For Hiring A New Member To Your Team

Recruitment is one of the most difficult but necessary parts of having a business and being in a managerial position. It can be notoriously frustrating when you can’t find the right candidate, or if you do and they decline your offer or quit after just a few weeks. 

There will always be recruits who don’t work out, even if they seem perfect during the interview process, but a large part of candidates either declining an offer or quitting can be attributed to a poor recruitment process on the employer’s side. 

To help you avoid making a costly mistake, we’ve put together five top tips you can implement next time you’re looking to hire a new member to your team, whether you’re looking at how to recruit marketing executives or admin assistants. 

1. Make a clear, concise job description 

The first step in the recruitment process is to create a clear job description. If you fall down at this hurdle, you will struggle hugely and attract the wrong applicants off the bat. You need to make sure the job description you put together is comprehensive and detailed, explaining exactly what the role includes and what the applicant will be expected to do.

Many employers choose to make a list of bullet points that includes what the candidate must have (e.g., a bachelor’s degree, one year of experience, a driving license), and a list of things that are preferred/a bonus but that aren’t necessarily a must (e.g., experience using certain software). 

These lists are a great idea and clearly define the parameters of which applicants will be taken seriously and which ones will be disregarded if they lack the necessary skills. Also make sure you include the working hours and a bit about your company culture on the job description, as well as a salary estimate. This will filter out inappropriate candidates. 

2. Look at potential as well as experience 

Depending on the role, it’s worth making an exception with regards to the experience you expect a candidate to have. Every employer wants bounds of experience, but very few are willing to offer it to graduates and those who are new to the field. Whilst experience for a senior role is expected, it is by no means necessary for a less-senior role. Instead, learn to scout out potential, because with the right training a support, someone with no prior experience could end up being one of your top employees. 

3. Shorten the interview process 

Lots of candidates are put off by a lengthy interview process, so if you require several interviews, tests, and calls before you consider hiring someone and are finding that your recruitment process is failing, this might be why. Look at ways you can condense the interview process into one or two sessions and minimize the number of tests you add on. 

It’s also worth noting that the longer you leave feedback calls, the more turned off candidates will be, too. 

4. Ask candidates about their personality and home life 

When you’re hiring someone to join your team, you need to ensure their personality fits with your existing team, otherwise, you may find there’s conflict and tension, and this will eventually lead to issues with work output. 

It’s also important to ask them what their home life is like, e.g., do they have children or caring responsibilities? This will help you gauge any additional accommodations and provisions they may need during their employment and help you to support them better. 

5. Implement a comprehensive onboarding process 

A staggering percentage of people leave jobs quickly due to a poor onboarding process, so you need to make sure you’re thinking beyond the immediate recruitment process and focusing on how you’re going to settle them in and make them feel welcome. Prioritize training and mentoring, and make sure they aren’t left out of group lunches or excluded due to not having formed any relationships yet. 

These five tips should help you nail the hiring process next time you’re looking to recruit someone new, so make sure you take note of them if you want to establish yourself as a leading employer that attracts the best talent on the market.

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