7 Movies With Great Impact On Our Modern Societies

7 Movies With Great Impact On Our Modern Societies

Everyone watches videos, whether on television, social media or in theaters. The cinema industry is, without a doubt, one of the most influential industries in modern society.

Sitcoms and comedy shows make us laugh, psychological thrillers make us think about the world in new ways, and historical films help us comprehend where we came from as a society.
Every video and film reflects society and influences public perception.

But, some movies leave such significant impacts upon society that we cannot leave those realms even after it ends.

Today, we will talk about 7 such movies that significantly impacted society.

7 Movies That Had A Great Impact On Society

Before we dive into the list of movies, let us tell you that you can download them from the pirate bay and start watching them right now. So, once we let you know about these masterpieces, we hope you will give them a shot.

Let's start:

1: A Girl In The River (2015)

Every year, 5,000 women are killed in so-called "honor killings" worldwide. 

The movie 'A Girl in the River' tells the story of a young woman whose father wanted to murder her because she fell in love with the wrong person.

Obaid-Chinoy discovered that the father believed he was justified in attempting to murder his daughter. He thought it was his responsibility to defend his family from the 'dishonor' Saba had brought upon them by falling in love and marrying.

2: Blackfish (2013)

SeaWorld said in 2015 that it would be stopping its contentious "Shamu Show" and replacing it with an "all-new orca experience" that would focus on natural whale behavior.

Even though they did so, their decision was undoubtedly influenced by the public backlash that the documentary Blackfish sparked. 

The documentary highlighted the risks of keeping orcas in captivity, both for the creatures and their human trainers. 

The documentary harmed the company's reputation, visitor counts, and stock price in the years after its debut.

3: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The globe faces a second ice age in this smash hit as a tidal wave submerges New York City, storms rip through downtown Los Angeles, and grapefruit-sized hailstones pelt Tokyo. 

While many climatologists criticized the film's science, it was still one of the most commercially successful films of its time, grossing about half a billion dollars globally in just over a month. 

Yale researchers also helped raise climate change awareness and prompted people to think about how their actions may help avert such a disaster.

4: Cathy Come Home (1966)

While homelessness is still referred to as an "invisible problem" – because many of us prefer to ignore it - it is no longer a taboo subject. 

Nobody talked about Homelessness until Cathy Come Home was released in 1966 because homelessness had not been in the spotlight before.

Everything changed once the drama aired. First, there was a growing sense of widespread outrage at what was going on. 

It began to feel like a raging hurricane. 'Shelter,' the UK's earliest and largest homelessness organization, was started around the same period.

5: Philadelphia (1993)

It's difficult for anyone who wasn't alive when the AIDS epidemic broke out in the early 1980s to comprehend the shame, fear, and misinformation that surrounded the disease. 

Philadelphia, which was released in 1993, helped to shift those opinions. 

The film depicts Tom Hanks' character, a young gay lawyer who is sacked from his firm after being diagnosed with AIDS.

6: Super Size Me (2004)

Morgan Spurlock, the director of 'Super Size Me,' ate exclusively at McDonald's for a month to demonstrate the harm fast food causes to our bodies. 

He gained 25 pounds after the trial, his cholesterol levels had skyrocketed, and his doctor told him he had the liver of an alcoholic.

The film rekindled the debate around fast food, from how dangerous it is for our health to how it is marketed to youngsters. 

McDonald's discontinued their large size choice and began bringing healthier products to its menus a few weeks after the video was aired.

7: Rosetta (1999)

Rosetta depicts the lives of a young, impoverished Belgian teenager living in a trailer park with her alcoholic mother. 

When she's not caring for her mother, she's feverishly attempting to find and keep a job in the hopeless hope of escaping her predicament.

The film impacted not only critics — it won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival against all odds. In the same year, Belgian passed "Rosetta's Law," which safeguarded the rights of teen employees in the country.

Start Watching!!!

If you haven't heard of these movies before, we are sure the storylines sparked your interest. From the touching subject of honor killing to the marketing boom of fast food, chains-we have covered almost everything that society needs to be aware of today.

So, add these movies to your watchlist right now, and start watching them one by one. All these movies are worth a shot because not even for a single moment you'll feel bored or disengaged.

However, ping us in the comment box if you need more information.

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