Betting Shops vs Online Betting: Which One is Better?

Betting Shops vs Online Betting: Which One is Better?

When it comes to sports betting, there are two options. Betting in person or betting on mobile. While mobile is the most popular form today, for a long time, in person betting was more accessible to many. Betway Zambia makes it easy to use a mobile device.

In Person vs Mobile

Before mobile phones, sportsbooks were a popular way to bet on many professional games. One of the major advantages they had was that winners were able to get their money right away. However, in person betting is almost obsolete these days, as mobile betting has taken over as the preferred option. 

Winning money on a mobile bet means you don’t get it right away. Many sportsbooks have a minimum amount you must withdraw in order to be able to do so. For some people, this means not being able to get their money until they have a few wins under their belt. 

But even though in person betting allows you to access the money right away, you have to provide documentation before they will release the money to you. This would only apply to the first time you go to claim the money you won.

In person sportsbooks also require you to be present when you place your bets. This is a huge disadvantage over betting on mobile, because you are limited to what the odds are at the exact time you are there.

Why Mobile Betting Is Favored

Most people favor mobile betting over in person betting. Your mobile device allows you to bet on any game, any time, any where. This is the kind of freedom you would never find with in person betting.

When you sign up with a mobile betting site, or app you’ll often get rewards for doing so. Many will reward new members with a free bet or a match on their first deposit. These benefits can help you have a more successful betting experience. 

Ongoing bonuses and promotions are offered on most mobile sports betting apps. You may even get a bonus on your birthday, or the yearly anniversary of the day you first joined. Mobile betting perks help your money go further.

But money isn’t the only reason why mobile betting is preferred. It is also much safer than in person betting. Financial transactions are always secure on mobile betting apps and sites. Encryption is used to ensure that no one can access your personal and financial information. And with some mobile betting apps even accepting digital currencies such as Bitcoin, transactions are not only safe but also anonymous. 

And with betting apps streaming sports events in real time, it is always easy to place a bet during a live game and get more facts here https://stakebonus.com/weekly-bonus/. You won’t have to wait for other people to place their bets, like you would in person.


While in person sportsbooks still exist, they are few and far between. But mobile betting apps are readily available to download to your phone or tablet for free, allowing you to take your betting with you no matter where you go.

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