NFL QBs Set to Shine in 2022

The culmination of weeks and months of hard training and punishing regular season and post season schedules, the Super Bowl truly lived up to its billing, as the star-studded LA Rams overcame the plucky Cincinnati Bengals in a game for the ages. 
The NFL odds before the game had suggested that Joe Burrow might just find a way to lead his Bengals to what would have been an improbable Super Bowl triumph, but in the end, it was the consistency of Matt Stafford and the array of attacking talent he had at his disposal, that got the job done in the SoFi Stadium. Now attentions turn to the 2022 season, and the possible trades and draft picks that could make all the difference to a franchise. Having a solid quarterback around which a team can be built is, of course, key. Here we detail which quarterback stars are all set to flourish in 2022, as well as mentioning a couple who will most likely find themselves struggling to make an impact in the NFL betting odds, with their hopes of reaching the playoffs almost as fanciful as the Jets posting a winning regular season record.

NFL QBs Set to Shine in 2022

Matt Stafford was the quarterback who got his hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the 2021 season, after the QB spent years in the Detroit wilderness
Joe Burrow

It had been hoped by some highly optimistic Cinci fans that the arrival of the number 1 draft pick would somehow be enough to drag their ailing franchise into the playoffs, but few odds makers or online betting tipsters ever believed the Bengals would reach the Super Bowl.

What made the feat even more incredible was that Burrow got sacked more than most other quarterbacks in the league, including setting records for being sacked during the playoffs. However, showing he had a hide made of reinforced steel, Burrow made the most of the plays he wasn’t sacked on, to make game winning play after game winning play.

The same Cinci detractors from before the 2021 season are now back out in force to remind everyone that Burrow will find his NFL sophomore season tougher than his rookie season, and they could be right. Or could we be seeing the rise of the league’s next great QB?
Matt Stafford

If some people think Joe Burrow will have it tough in 2022, then things could be even worse for the incumbent Super Bowl holder, Matt Stafford. That became clear as early as halfway through the Super Bowl, as Odell Beckham Jr. was stretchered off the field after badly damaging his knee in the sticky LA turf.

Throughout much of the 2021 season the Rams were derided for not getting their offensive game in order. While that didn’t stop them going all the way to the NFL showcase game, it could well handicap them in the coming season, especially if other injuries hit key men.
Patrick Mahomes

Only a disastrous third quarter prevented the Chiefs from reaching another Super Bowl under the guidance and leadership of Patrick Mahomes, but there are worries in Kansas that a team that should clearly be beating the likes of the Bengals with ease, are often making heavy work of it.

That said, there appears to be no reason why Mahomes and Co. cannot at least return to the AFC Championship game, which means they will always be in with a better chance than most of claiming Super Bowl glory. One thing they must learn to do is close out a game, especially when they find themselves 21-3 ahead, as they did in the AFC Championship game that got away.
NFL QBs Set to Shine in 2022

Cheerleaders had plenty to shout and dance about in 2021 and 2022 promises to be even more engrossing, as draft picks look to make an instant impact on the league
Dak Prescott

Prescott has always been recognised as one of the most gifted QBs in the league, but injuries have threatened to cut his career cruelly short. However, 2021 was full of positives for the Dallas Cowboy quarterback, with him getting a footing in the league that could spell danger for rival franchises in 2022.

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