Adleep Advertising Network: Reliable Adsense Alternative For African Bloggers

Adleep Advertising Network: Reliable Adsense Alternative For African Bloggers

In this article, we'd be seeing my honest review of Adleep, a Nigerian advertising network that just started becoming popular of recent. Before I proceed to the review Adleep for publishers, I'd love to explain a little bit on what the company is about and how it can be beneficial to your business.

Adleep for advertisers

Adleep is a programmatic advertising platform that allows advertisers to buy ad placement on a set of publisher's platforms through a Real-Time Bidding system (RTB). As an advertiser, they'll equip you with disruptive advertising tools that will help you scale.

Below are some of the few things you stand to gain by using Adleep:

• Geo-Targeting options that include targeting by country, region, or city in no time, targeting using Geo-Fencing will make it easier.
• Easy campaign setup and multiple ads formats (eg. html5, banners, videos)
• Detailed reporting to help you to generate how your ads are being served and the records of impressions on the ads
• Ads throttling helps in controlling the volume of traffic delivery on your ad based on minutes, hours and day. Display your ads only when you feel it will deliver.
• Return on sales (ROI)
Adleep has worked with top brands like Powerhorse, Shoprite, Betnaija and Betway. To join as an advertiser, kindly visit the official sign-up page.

Adleep for publishers

The primary aim of every blogger is to make money from his or her blog. Most times, you'll see bloggers struggling to get the approval of Adsense and other top ad networks, and might eventually give up on their dreams when they don't get approved.

To be honest, I've never been a fan of Nigerian ad networks. My dislike for Nigerian advertising networks increased after I got a negative report from publishers complaining that AfriAdverts bans them once they hit payout.

Sometime in November, a top Nigerian blogger that I respect told about Adleep and I decided to give it a try, so I'd be writing my honest review of the platform and why I think you should (or not) use it.

Adleep Review

Adleep is no doubt, one of the most popular indigenous ad networks. It is a simple, easy and effective way of monetising your website's traffic.

Adleep pro:

• Multiple ad formats, including banner, VAST and footer marquee formats.
• Ability to add over 500 websites in your dashboard
• Simple user interphase, you can easily find your way through the whole website as a novice
• Transparent reports
• You can blacklist business categories that you're not interested in
• You can combine them with other ad networks

Adleep con:

Doesn't pay like Adsense: Don't get me wrong, their pay is very okay, in fact, it's the best Nigerian ad network that I have tested. I stopped using the other ad networks within a few days due to their low pay.

What more?

Adleep's minimum payout/withdrawal amount is $50.00. You can request a withdrawal as soon as you hit the minimum threshold.
They pay via bank transfer and PayPal. I prefer the first option, but if for any reason you want to go for the PayPal, you can check out our previous post on how to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigerian bank account.
How to create an adleep account
Follow the steps below to start using Adleep:
• Visit the official sign-up page
• Fill in the required details, including your Website URLCategory
DescriptionNameE-mail and Phone. You can skip the messenger option if you don't want to fill it.
• Solve the reCaptcha and click on register
• Exercise a little patience, in less than 24 hours, your account will get approved.
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