Top Paying Ad Networks For Nigerian Publishers

Nigerian Ad Networks
For new Nigerian Bloggers, it seem more or less like a tug of war getting the approval of Adsense, Media.net, Chitika Ads (update: Chitika has no minimum traffic requirement nor rejects any site, try applying for it today and I  bet you'll get approved), Propeller Ads and other popular ads. 
If you finally manage to get approved, the next issue is verification (as in the case of Adsense), some even request for proof that you pay tax, while the rest make use of PayPal to send and receive payments, all these factors act like a set-back act like set-backs to the hustling spirits in Africans, nevertheless, I researched and got the list of the top paying Nigerian Ad networks and that’s what I want to share now.
You can put more than one of these Ad networks in a blog without having fear of being bound and you can sign-up and put their banner in your blog in less than 30 minutes.

Update: If you're new to blogging, please check out this post on all you need to know about blogging!

- Alternative Ads

This is not only one of the top paying Nigerian ad networks; it is also among the top ad networks in Africa. They offer both cpc and ppm, while signing up, you will be given the option to fill your choice currency, and you will see the Dollar, Naira and other currencies.
The sign-up to this ad network is easy and requires no minimum traffic; they offer a minimum payment of $50 and offer many different forms of Banner ads.

They also allow you to earn 3% of the money spent by an advertiser or 5% of the money gained by the publisher you referred. Their pay is through PayPal for (non-Nigerians) and bank wire transfer.
Click here to sign-up now, it’s free.

- Adquet

Adquet is also one of the top ad networks in Nigeria, easy sign-up, no minimum traffic required, supports sub-domain (example.blogspot.com, example.wordpresss.com) and accept almost all niches, they pay from N5 to N100 per click depending on the banner size and their minimum payout is N2,500 via PayPal or bank wire transfer.  They offer both cpc and ppm ads. You can sign-up both as an advertiser and a publisher.
NOTE: Read their terms and conditions properly before signing up, they hate floating ads and can ban you for that, they also ban people that click on their own ads.
Sign-up for Adquet free.

- NG Adverts

It’s another good ad network in Nigeria with fast approval. Just like Adquet you can sign-up both as a publisher and an advertiser. It offers both cpc and cpm ads and their minimum payout is N3,000 via bank wire transfer.
NOTE: Just like Adquet, clicking on their ads in your blog can lead to them banning your account.
Sign-up for NG Adverts free.

- Twinpine Network

This is another top ad network in Nigeria with a minimum payout of N2,500 via bank wire transfer. It offers both cpc and ppm ads and supports advertising on both mobile app and websites. Some of the big companies that support this ad network include Pepsi, MTN and Jobberman. It doesn’t require any minimum traffic to sign up and their ads are virus free.
Sign-up for Twinpine Network free.

- Dochase

These another nice Nigerian ad network with no minimum traffic requirement and easy sign-up. Although their ads are not too friendly, the pay much for clicks (more than impression). Their minimum payout is N2,000 and they pay directly into your bank account (faster than other ones) and they offer both cpm and ppm.
NOTE: They are strict and will ban your account ones they notice any spam clicks.
Sign-up for Dochase free.

In general, before signing-up to any ad network, try to read their terms and conditions to avoid banning your account and avoid clicking on your ads and you should try to have a Nigerian bank account or you use your friends own.
These are not the only ones, in case you know anyone that is not listed here, kindly drop it in the comment box to help other Nigerians, we will review it and add it here.
Thanks for reading along, don't forget to share along to your friends!
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