How To Withdraw From PayPal In Nigeria At ₦360 Per Dollar

How To Withdraw From PayPal In Nigeria At ₦360 Per Dollar
It is no new news that Nigerians aren't completely allowed to use PayPal, and still no news that some of us are comfortably using it in the country.
I have been into legit internet business since the year 2016, and can boldly say that if you MUST be serious with your internet business, you must have a working PayPal account.
We can create PayPal accounts as Nigerians, but sadly can't use it to receive funds, only send. This had always proven to be a big limitation because most of my clients pay via PayPal, and believe me, 80% aren't willing to go for an alternative.

Where there is a will, there is a way they always say, and so luckily we were able to get a way and now you can comfortably use PayPal in Nigeria, as a Nigerian. If you are yet to learn this hack, please visit this page for more.
You can actually make as much as $100 a month creating working accounts for the plenty people who need them (it's actually a skill) and make a living for yourself online.
However we aren't here to talk about that today, so just visit the link while we continue what we have for the day.

Let's go over to what we have today, how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria. There are so many ways to withdraw your PayPal funds in Nigeria (I'm 100% sure of 3) and we will talk about them before the end of the article.
I have seen so many posts on Nairaland, Facebook, Twitter and plenty top blogs talking about how to withdraw money from PayPal account in Nigeria, but I can stake it that none actually helped me.
I even came across so many articles claiming that it wasn't possible...LMAO, they should have just said that they didn't know how to do that.

Prior to this, I was selling my PayPal funds. The top PayPal buyers in Nigeria all buy at ₦298 to ₦300 per dollar, while my other clients buy at ₦300 to ₦320 per dollar, however it is difficult to trust people.
I was actually scammed once, while trying to sell my funds but it wasn't that big money, around $17 and I forgot about it.
I also tried to use the services of the Virtual PayPal Terminal, but for some issues our deals weren't successful, but that's by the way!
So what's the easiest way to withdraw money PayPal Nigeria 2019?

How To Withdraw Your Money From PayPal Account In Nigeria

As I have earlier said, there are so many ways to withdraw your PayPal funds in Nigeria, some will take more than one steps, which means they wouldn't arrive immediately, some are just straightforward which means you get your alert immediately.
Some of the methods include:

- Payoneer

Maybe you have always seen Payoneer as a payment gateway, well the good news is that it is something more than that. Payoneer will give you five bank accounts, covering some of the major countries of the world - United States, UK, Canada, China and Australia.
You can now receive payments from these countries using the payment gateway and it arrives immediately.

To use Payoneer for your PayPal, you have to link it to a US PayPal and then verify, then you can be withdrawing your money.

Disadvantages of Using Payoneer To Withdraw Your PayPal Funds

- You MUST have up to $200 before you can send your money to another Payoneer user
- In case you want to withdraw it to your local Nigerian bank, you MUST have up to $1,000 and most internet business starters don't have up to that.
- If you use their MasterCard, you have to be paying an annual fee of $35, and this might also be big for some people.
- Payoneer will also charge you to transfer the money to your Nigerian account.

If you need a Payoneer account, you can visit Payoneer.com now to get one for yourself.

- Teespring

Teespring.com is an online marketplace where you can sell your products and they help you to handle the payment processes. You will own your wallet where your earnings are kept got you.
You will then need a Payoneer account which you will link to the Teespring account and they pay you into it.

After signing up, go to the settings page and link your Payoneer account, then go and create a product. Purchase the product with the PayPal funds you want to withdraw and end the campaign.
You can generate and use any fake US address as your delivery address and they will charge you $8 for each withdrawal.

Disadvantages of Using Teespring To Withdraw Your PayPal Funds

- You are just withdrawing to Payoneer, so the whole work was just half done.
- To withdraw from Payoneer, you must have at least $1000 and not every starting internet business person actually has that at his disposal.
- They also charge $8, which isn't even the only money you will be charged before you get your money.
- You can't send your Payoneer funds to someone else unless you have upto $200.
- Lastly, Payoneer will also charge you to transfer the money to your Nigerian account.

If you want to try out Teespring, you can visit Teespring.com to sign up.

- Direct withdrawal to your Nigerian bank

This is the only method that I have tried and confirmed. With this, you don't use any third party and you get your alert in less than a minute.
All you need to do is click on Withdraw > select how much you want to withdraw and it will go through immediately.
How To Withdraw From PayPal In Nigeria At ₦360 Per Dollar
Would you rather have your money go from one payment gateway to another or directly to your bank account? Well, I'd rather go for the later. It will save me a lot of stress and I have the time to concentrate on other things that I want to do.
...but wait, I'm not giving away this free too. I actually paid someone ₦10,000 to learn this, not because I am so rich, or I have the money to throw away, but I needed the information.

Knowing that alone has saved me ₦60 per dollar, because I don't sell again. It has also helped me cut off other charges and best still, I can withdraw any amount, yes even $10.
Let me save the talking here. If you are interested in this little big secret, I will be giving it away for only ₦4,500 (remember I got it at ₦10,000).

PS: We don't accept any other payments aside Naira, so this information doesn't get across the border. In that effect, there are two ways to make payments.
- Paystack: You can pay via Paystack by visiting this link. You will get access to the information immediately after payments.
- Direct bank transfer: Please contact us for our account details or better still, visit this page. Kindly contact us immediately after payments so that we will drop it in your email or any other places you chose.
We are always at your services!

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Thanks for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends. 
Without any PayPal limitations, internet hustle becomes so easy. We must make money this year!
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