7 Ways To Make Your Christmas Holiday A Memorable One

7 Ways To Make Your Christmas Holiday A Memorable One

In this article, we'd be exploring some seven amazing ways to make your Christmas holiday a memorable one.

Two years ago (2018 Christmas), I was with my family at Abuja, opening our Christmas presents when my younger brother started throwing-up. I guess he had eaten so many junks than his system could accommodate in the course of the whole celebration, but no, it wasn't the case.

Something I thought would be over in the next few hours had me sleeping in the hospital bed with him on admission. The whole celebration and unboxing of presented were paused for some days until he got better and was discharged.

While celebrating his return from the hospital, I came to the realization that all those presents weren’t the best part of the celebration. They didn’t make Christmas Christmas. They were just more stuff. And after spending some days at the hospital, I knew life wasn't just about stuff….I was just so grateful to have my kid bro out of bed and that he was healthy and sound again.

I think I learnt a lot that year, and I made a conscious decision to simplify the holiday season but still make it memorable. So while I was brainstorming on how to make my Christmas holiday more meaningful, one mind 😄 told me you'd also love to read up my checklist.

How to make the Christmas season special

Join me as I point out some tips on how you can make your Christmas holiday more special and memorable:

• Family reunion

When last did you see Grandma and Aunty Bukky? Is Grandpa still alive? You can decide to spend your Christmas with your extended relatives, whether from your maternal side or your paternal side.
One reason I enjoy travelling home for holidays is that it gives me the feeling that I'm not alone. I get to connect with my relatives returning from different parts of the world.

• Wrap gifts

No matter how little, surprise your loved ones with gifts. It can be toys, books, or something that won't be necessarily expensive. Just something you know will be appreciated.
You can start with your immediate family members and extend your love to the streets. After all, we're all celebrating, everyone deserves to smile. 

• Attend or participate in carols

One good thing I like about the Christmas holidays is that it is being observed by all and sundry, except probably, the health workers. On this special day, most companies and agencies offer their employees holidays to spend time with their loved ones.
If you're chanced, you can read some Christmas carols together with your family members. 'On the first day of Christmas'…..You get the drift! Christmas carols are lovely, wouldn’t you agree?

• Volunteer

Do you know that you can put a smile on people's faces without spending a dime? Yes...have you thought of visiting an impoverished neighbourhood and probably joining a team to clean it up, patch it or educate on hygienic lifestyle?
You can also visit an orphanage, hospital or old peoples home. There are numerous activities to choose from. Even if you won't be present, you can choose to support a cause, that your little act of kindness will really matter a lot.

• Throw a (safe) Christmas party

It's still a celebration, so throwing a party won't be bad after all. You can invite your friends and neighbours to vibe to some Christmas songs. Three is a crowd, so you don't even have to rent a canopy...lol.
Just arrange some engaging activities that will make your invitees want to experience Xmas every day. Remember to observe the COVID-19 protocols too o.

• Share homemade meals

Oh...I miss those beautiful holidays past when Mama Ejima would cook so much fried rice, you’d think she was expecting the Governor and his entourage. The thick egusi soup and pounded yam were all shared with the neighbours and they were very grateful.
It was the norm in most African homes until the internet started taking most of our attention. But can we still relive those old days?

• Be happy

My pastor will always tell us to remember why Jesus was born and the reason for the season. To me, Christmas isn't just about the birth of Jesus Christ, but also a way of being grateful that we made it to the end of the year.
Be happy for what you have achieved so far, be happy, celebrate life and the good things you still have in preparation for what you are going to get.

What more did I miss? Kindly drop them as comments below and don't forget to share with your friends.
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