How To Celebrate Christmas In Nigeria

How To Celebrate Christmas In Nigeria

In a few days we'll be stepping into the month of December ♫♪♩♬ and that's my best month. As a Nigerian, there are many activities that we engage in that make out Christmas holidays memorable.

Before we go into that in earnest, let's look at the definition of Christmas. According to Wikipedia, Christmas (also called Nativity, Noël, Yule and Xmas)  is a festival celebrated by Christians all over the world annually, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ who was sent by God to come and die on the cross of Calvary (also known as Golgotha, according to the Bible, Calvary is located in a wall outside Jerusalem and it's the place where Jesus Christ was crucified).

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Christmas is  most commonly observed on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world both Christians and members of the other religions. The term Christmas was derived from  'Mass Of Christ,' which is the Eucharist or Communion and it is where Christians remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is one of the holidays people all over the world look forward to. The winter season, the Santa Claus and Father Christmas, and many other things add fun to this wonderful season. Whether you are celebrating it in the religious way (in churches) or in the secular way, there is always a lot of fun and much to enjoy.

I'll be presenting few ways to celebrate the religious and secular Christmas and have the best fun out of it.

How To Celebrate A Religious Christmas

1) Reflect and think about the reason for celebrating Christmas: Why is there Christmas? Why did Jesus Christ die? Ask yourself this questions and think of answers. You can read the Bible, the book of Matthew Chapters 1 and 2, and the Gospel according to Luke Chapters 1 and 2, they'll have answers to these questions.
2) Make your kids know what Christmas is: Call your family together, if possible, with beautiful illustrations, describe Christianity to your kids. Tell them why Christianity is the best religion and read the Bible together with them.
3) Celebrate with other people: Spend time with friends and other family members. Going to the church will also be a nice option.
4) Get your youth group to create a living nativity scene one night a week in front of your church.
5) Invite God to come and celebrate the day with you: As a Christian, praying to God is very essential. You should invite God through prayers to come and celebrate the day with you.
6) Give To Others: Giving is Loving. There is a saying that givers never Lack. Go out to the streets, give to the needy, make them happy by celebrating with them.
7) Be thankful to God for bringing you to Christmas: The Bible say that in everything we should give thanks. Bring out some time to thank God for making it possible for you to reach the 25th December, and remember the thinks he had done for you. They are worth thanking him about.

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How to Celebrate A Secular Christmas

1) Do Something Fun With Your Family: Africa is a hot continent, and the weather during December is normally dry and dusty, you can do moonlight tales (if you travel to village),
You can shoot bangers and fireworks, visit the beaches, go on picnics or even stay indoors preparing cakes. In everything, make sure it is fun.
2) Give: Consider giving to both the needy and those that don't really need. Wrap up gifts in papers and post to friends. You can also share Christmas text-messages to added fun to the whole festival. There are many things to give out as gifts, some examples include: Christmas wreaths, Christmas hats and caps, fireworks, etc. Just choose what you yourself will appreciate if given.
3) Watch Christmas Videos: there are many things to watch, cartoons, movies and even music videos. It's worth celebrating.
4) Go Christmas caroling: Practice different Christmas carols and sing them. there are many songs to choose from 'Jingle Bells', 'Silver bells,' 'The Little Drummer Boy,' 'Let it Snow,' and many others.

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