Smartphones: Are They Really Doing Us More Harm Than Good?

In as much as smartphones have a whole lot of advantages and are now generally in use by 80% of the worlds population.
There is still a whole lot of unusual factors surrounding smartphone usage.

Health-wise, smartphones usually pose a lot of threats, ranging from hardcore addiction to severe body reactions and below we are going to look at a countdown of health demerits which smartphones create.

  1. Chronic Addictions: 

Research shows that 90% of smartphone users are actually guilty of this situation, me included. These people tend to feel very uncomfortable without their smartphones around them due to their being too used to having their phones, and this scenario can be encountered more in teenagers. 

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This addiction can be caused as a result of games, social network interactions or business related factors. Most times we wake up in the morning and its the first thing we reach for and the last thing we touch before snoozing off.  This addiction can be reduced through several therapy sessions. 

    2. Emotional Instability: 

In many homes its normal to encounter this situation of a group of people perfectly happy at one moment and in less than three minutes of glancing through a smartphone, an individual  in the group becomes either so worked up or completely detached from the group activities resulting from something he or she came across on the smartphone. Statistics 

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show that more than 70% of emotional breakdown conditions in the world are smartphone related. Smartphone users are adversely affected by their phones either directly or indirectly.

   3. Affects Social Relations:

This is another major smartphone demerit. Numerous smartphone users now actually prefer texting or online calls to physical interaction. With the influx of social networks like facebook, facetime , wechat and numerous other networks, it is noticed that physical social relations has deeply slacked. As a result of this, we see more of broken relationships, marriages or organizations falling part. Smartphones don't take all the blame in this situation but most times, fingers are usually pointed to it because of the part it plays.

4. Eye Defects

It is a well known fact that just six hours in front of  a bright screen and you're sure to get an eye defect. How about when this six or more hours is coupled with squinting , straining eye muscles, and no eye relaxation? At one point later in life, our eyes starts to weaken and loose focus strength this usually happens when we hit 80 but recent studies and research show that majority of smartphone users usually loose eyesight focus earlier than those who aren't ardent smartphone users. In summary, the overuse of smartphones causes eye defects which affect us in one way or the other.

  5. Posture And Physical Imbalance:

The defect, Textclaw is caused from the frequent texting, scrolling and tapping on the screen of smartphones. And it can be found in one out of any five smartphone user. Other physical imbalances like change in posture, hearing defects can also develop from too much use of smartphones.


Every smartphone user has probably experienced this. Less, reduced sleep puts the body in a very precarious position because the body needs rest and sleep to improve it's functioning capabilities. Due to messages to be replied, frequent chatting or game play distractions, we cut our sleeping time which is not acceptable for our health. 

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In as much as smartphones are a beautiful part of our life, over use is not advisable in any situation. Stay healthy and wise.
Featured image credit: Daily Mail
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