Top Jobs For Stay At Home Nigerian Mom

Top Jobs For Stay At Home Nigerian Mom

In some marriages, it is the plan of the man that the woman stay at home and take care of the house chores and the kids. Even when there are no kids, some men don’t want their women to get a job outside. They prefer to do the work and provide for the family financially.

Although there are still women who will love to get a job outside, there seems to be non-available that suit their circumstances. So they wonder what kind of job can they do from home and be making some extra money for themselves.

This post is not about a relationship and family that one need to discuss whether a married woman should work outside or stay at home to take care of the kids and chores.

If you are a stay at home mom and you want to make money from the house without stepping your feet outside, then this post is for you.

Yes, as a stay at home Nigerian mom, you can make money, not just money but a living from the comfort of your room.

A lot of people make money from home but they do this by using the internet wisely. Rather than sitting in front of your Tv watching Zeeworld in your leisure time, you can use it to make a decent living by doing some remote jobs.

For the rest of the post, we will be talking about top jobs any stay at home Nigerian mom can do and earn a living. Let proceed!

List of Top Jobs Stay at Home Nigerian Mom Can do


In simple terms, freelancing means doing jobs as an independent worker and earning on a per-job or per-task basis.

You are a worker but you decide who you work for, how long you will work and how much you charge. Although some clients will have their budget, it is left for you to accept or decline the job offer.

Freelancing is very broad because it involves many types of remote jobs but here, we will mention a few ones and how to get started.

To start freelancing, you must have a skill. If you don’t have any, you must learn one. But common, no one on earth doesn’t have a skill.

In this context, we are talking about digital skills and they include but are not limited to writing, social media, online marketing, and typing.

Here are some freelancing jobs you can start.


With the right clients, writing can change your financial status. Do you know that most of the content you read on most websites, ebooks and social media pages are not written by the owners of such properties?

Imagine if you can write so well, you will make a decent living especially when you have foreign clients. There is a lady on Facebook that claims to make N7,000,00 monthly from writing.

You have to believe it because people are hiring others to write for them. It can be a business plan, fiction story, blog posts, ebooks, books, and other documents.

Social media management

Social media management is doing various tasks on social media, this includes posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

You will manage social media accounts for businesses and individuals who are too busy to handle that aspect of their business. Most politicians and celebrities are not the ones handling their social media pages, someone is doing this for them.

As a Nigerian stay at home mom, if you have social media skills you can take the role of a social media manager.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants do remote office jobs for a business owner. The job could be sending and replying to emails, booking appointments, managing social media accounts, managing websites. It all depends on what the client wants you to do.

Other freelancing jobs are:

• Graphic design
• Web design
• Branding
• Voice over, etc

Do you have any of these skills? Or what else can you do better which is not mentioned here? You can monetize such skills and make money as a stay at home Nigerian mom.

Where to get freelancing jobs?

You can get jobs from freelancing sites such as;

• Upwork.com
• Fiverr.com
• Indeed.com
• Linkedin.com

There are many others, but for a newbie, you should consider these platforms to begin your freelancing career.


Dropshipping is a lucrative eCommerce business money if one understands how it works. It is a business where you act as a middle man between the manufacturer/Wholesaler and the retailer/Customer.

In dropshipping, the dropshipper may have a store but don’t keep the products he or she sells in stocks.

This business model is very applicable here in Nigeria. Let explain it very well with simple examples.

Let say you see a good product in any online store, eg Aliexpress, you will add the product to your online and add your price.

If the product price is $50, you can add $40 to it and sell it for $90 in your store.

When the customer makes the payment, you will then order the product from Aliexpress using the customer details.

The customer will receive the product without knowing that the actual price was $50 because the manufacturer will send an invoice of $90.

To learn more about dropshipping you should use Google or read beginners’s giude on how to start a dropshipping business.

Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is a business model similar to dropshipping but in this case, there is no physical product but a service.

In drop servicing, you sell a service and the service doesn’t need to be rendered by you.

As a stay at home Nigerian mom, drop servicing will a perfect job for you if you don’t have any digital skills.

This is how it works;

You can source for people looking for a content writer (clients), when you get any, you negotiate the price. Let say you are charging the client $50 to write a 10-page ebook, you will outsource the job to a content writer who will be willing to accept less, maybe $30 and you keep $20 as your profit.

Forget that we are using dollar currency as examples on this post, you can bill anyone in naira. Your client can be a Nigeria looking for a web designer, and you will have to look for a good web designer in Nigeria.

Many people are doing drop servicing and making cool money, as a stay at home mom, you can consider it.

How to receive payments from your clients

For freelance jobs, payment is usually through Paypal, Payoneer, local bank transfer, and wire transfer. The platform will determine the payment method. These freelancing sites are owned by foreigners so they decide how they can pay freelancers.

For dropshipping, if your target customers are going to be Nigerians only, you can use Flutterwave or Paystack to receive payment. It is advisable not to use your personal bank account except it is a corporate bank account.

If you are going to international customers, you should use Stripe to receive payment. Stripe is not in Nigeria but you can still get a verified Stripe account. Read here how to open a stripe account in Nigeria.

For drop servicing, the payment depends on the country of your client. Use any of the various payment methods we have discussed above.

As a stay at home Nigerian mom, you can use your free time to do a lot of productive things. If you won’t do any of the above, you can do tutoring, teach people online what you know, that they don’t know and wish to know.

Information is power and people are ready to pay for it. You can set up a blog or start affiliate marketing.

People make money from the comfort of their homes so don’t use the excuse of staying at home for not making money being a stay at home mom.

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