Freelancing: Making Your Full Career From Writing

This term, freelancing is still misinterpreted by many. From my own point of view, it simply means writing, creating or even drawing on any topic. It can stretch from a blog post, website content and even to writing recipes for restaurants.

It has no limitations, and so you have no limitations to how much you can make from it, especially if you are not the lazy types, and I'm sure you are not😊.
There are so many ways to make money from that, Fiverr, Upwork and so even your blog. You just take the one that suites you must and you leave the rest.

So How Can You Make Money By Freelancing? 

I have made a lot of money from freelancing, you too can! It's all about using the right strategies, and you see your self shinning. I wrote an e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer, where I explained so many ways you can make a living from freelancing, and they're not even difficult. 
Comparing freelancing to blogging, you'd see that they both are good in their own way, and also bad in their own ways. 

Let's check these out: 

  1. Freelancing needs no investment to begin, just subscribe your modem and you can make $$$ a day while blogging needs some capitals, at least a domain, traffic, and even purchasing articles to publish. 
  2. Freelancing is based on immediate cash out, that's if you are not working on any job boards. You get paid immediately you work, where as blogging needs at least month end to cash out your money from the various ad networks and affiliate companies.
  3. Blogging gives you money while you sleep while freelancing doesn't...you'd hustle to get the money.
You can see that they both have advantages and disadvantages, but both of them deserve the right strategies and guidelines to earn. Today, we are treating freelancing, as we have always been doing. You can refer to other posts on this topic.

Now I want to show you how you can land your desired clients in freelancing and even make a living from that. It's very lucrative, but you must get the right guides and strategies to succeed. 
Follow these tips, and you'd have every reason to be thankful at the end.

#1: Have A Blog

This blog, Afra Tales and even my other blogs act as my galleries. I have some posts which I show to my clients, and they give me a kudos with the job. My reason for starting this was that my articles were always stolen, and it really worked out well for me. People would ask you for a sample, then publish them and refuse replying your messages or even reject them out rightly on iWriter.
However, when you have the post on your blog, they would not be able to copy them again because it would bring down the quality of their own sites.

#2 Don't Be Too Cheap

Insist on your price, maybe $5 for each 450-500 words articles. People actually love expensive but quality things and would value you more.

#3 Be Flexible In Rates

If someone can provide you bulk work, then you can as well reduce their rates. You can write it for $3 per articles, and at the end make something like $60 a day if you write up to 20 articles for them. That's enough to make your day.

#4 Be Versatile

My clients most times bring me topics on things I never heard before, and trust me, I always act pro. A little Google search and I do good in the offer. 

#5 Always Sound Professional 

You should make your advertisements short and pro, because most clients are too busy to read your long essays. 
You can write something like this:

I'll provide you unique articles:

- 100% Plagiarism free

- Well researched work 
- Zero tolerance for spinned articles
- Highly professional articles 
- Expert reviewed
- Non-generic 

and of course be ready to provide them as said. This way they'd keep coming back.

#6 Never Exaggerate

This wouldn't take you far. You can't say that you have 4 years of experiences as a freelancer and still charge $3 per article😑. It doesn't make sense, instead you can skip telling them your years of experiences, when asked then say something like a year.

#7 Be Time Conscious

If you tell your clients you'd deliver in 6 hours, let it be so. This way they'd always come back to you.

#8 Be Polite

Always address your clients as bro, sis, or dear. This way you'd sound a bit familiar and things would be easier. 

#9 Always Offer To Do Reviews

You should always deliver your articles with statements like, "Please check and get back to me, I'll do corrections if necessary!" It helps a milli!

#10 Have Many Methods Of Collecting Your Money 

PayPal isn't accepted in my country, and so I have many other options for collecting my money. You too, create a PayZa, Payoneer and Skrill account so that you'd never loose money because of lack of payment methods. (Create a Payoneer account with this link and win $25 sign up bonus). I even found a method of getting paid via credit cards. You can contact me for that.

#11 Always Satisfy Your Clients

Sometimes luck would befall you and you jam annoying clients, however your customers are always right. If you give them what they want, they'd appreciate it. Make sure they are satisfied before you move over to the next offer.

#12 Always Ask Them For A Review

That's in the case of job boards though. You should do yourself that favor of grabbing their 5★ reviews.

#13 Be Ready To Reject Offers

Don't be greedy, if you have a work at hand, politely tell your clients that. If they love your works, they'd surely keep that offer for you too.

#14 Advertise Yourself Everywhere

You can see my Facebook bio below:

It's same on my Twitter and Instagram handles and even my Facebook page. You never know where your desired clients will come from, and most clients will check your profiles to know if you're actually worth working with.

#15 Look For Clients Yourself

Most of my clients were actually self found. I just spent my spare time sourcing and getting clients who'd make me busy. After all we all love being busy.

Finally, before you go:

Most puzzles freelancers face are all about getting clients. However, I have solved them all in my new e-book, ACTUALIZING YOUR DREAMS AS A FREELANCER. Here, you'd see over 100 websites that would pay you to write for them. It's all simplified!

However, this book isn't for everyone, but it is for YOU! It's for you that want to start making money online today from writing articles. It's at a pay anything price yeah anything starting from $0.99, so you'd have no reason to grab a copy.

Thanks for reading along. We'd appreciate it more if you drop a comment and share. 
There's 💓love💓 in that!
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