8 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

Are you still dubious about the power of social media for the growth of your small business? There are countless ways that you can use social media to expand your small business. Look around you, do you know anyone who isn't using social media or doesn't know what it is? 

We are living in an era where people use social media more than anything; it's everywhere! You will find kids making Tik Toks, mothers indulging in Instagram blogging, travellers making YouTube Vlogs, students using Snapchat, and much more. 

Facebook was one of the initial social media platforms that become common among people, and now we have Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. for the same purposes. The platform you choose for your business may vary depending on the kind of target audience you want to engage; you may even utilize multiple platforms to deliver a synchronized marketing message to multiple audiences.
Let's look at some stats while we are at it: 

Stats and Figures

• There are more than 3.5 billion social media users worldwide
• There are over 2.32 billion active monthly users of Facebook
• To further elaborate the social media users: 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers
• An average user spends 3 hours/ day on social media
• 73% of businesses find their efforts of marketing on social media were effective
• 71% of customers recommend a product after a good experience with their family and friends 

The above stats indicate the excessive use of social media amongst people and how it is affecting consumer behaviour. If you are a small business owner, looking to know how social media can help you grow your small business, then you are in the right place. You will find 8 great tips to use social media here.
Let's dive in: 

1. Leads

Lead generation is one of the most essential yet crucial tasks for any business, small or large. 65% of small businesses are now using social media to generate high-quality leads. To ensure you get good leads, you must focus on high-quality content, so the audience looks at what interests them. Making buyer's personas can help you in generating better content for your platform. 

Keeping your posts simple and relevant can help you increase engagement. You can enhance your content by:
• Aesthetically appealing graphics
• Great written content for your posts
• Include call-to-action so the audience can reach out to you (email us, contact us, DM us, etc.) 

2. Search Engine Optimization

You must have heard a lot about search engine optimization, but what is it exactly? Whenever a user searches for a query on the internet, they are displayed with different suggestions based on relevancy. To increase that relevancy and to appear on those search engine results, you must make a little bit of effort. 

Social media presence can help you improve your search engine optimization. For example, if your business is about organic food, whenever someone searches for "Organic Food Business," your social media can help you appear on top searches. 

This is beneficial for small businesses that do not have high budgets for paid ads as they can improve their reach using social media and search engine optimization. You must focus on producing high-quality, relatable content so the audience can organically engage with your content.

3. Traffic

One of your top goals as a small business is to reach your target audience and increase traffic on your main website/platform. Social media can help you gain traffic as well as attention. Adding a call-to-action button can redirect your audience from social media to your website. There are various ways social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, actively make social media for businesses easier. Simply by adding a button to your posts, or a swipe up a link on an Instagram story, the user can be redirected towards your website. You can also use relatable content to draw attention and ultimately link your product website with the content to engage and increase traffic.

4. Competitors

One way to monitor and check on your competitors is through social media. The social media platforms let you analyze and monitor what your competitors are doing so you can learn from them. You can see how your competitors are using social media for engagements and interactions. How are they gaining followers and having conversations with them? This can help you get better at your strategies and can give a detailed overview of what to avoid and what to pursue.

5. Trust

While most of us see social media as a tool to interact, socialize, or sell and buy products, it is much more than that. Your social media presence helps in building trust and gain loyalty from your customers. Social media helps you in getting a loyal fan base, provided you give them authentic and high-quality relatable content. Brands collaborate with social media influencers to engage with the audience and to let out their word. When your product is endorsed by a social media influencer, the audience is more likely to trust your brand and build a relationship with your brand

6. Brand Recognition 

For small businesses, it is a challenge to get their brand recognized as conventional marketing requires a hefty budget. Social media marketing has made this crucial task easier for small businesses as they can use the power of social media as creatively as they can market their product to their intended audience. 

Small businesses are using social media to engage their customers and getting recognized for their uniqueness. Manage your social media appearance in a way that looks appealing to the visitor. Focusing on your graphics, logo placement, and video content can help you increase your organic reach. Remember, social media is all about creativity; the more creative you get with the idea, the better results you can get.

7. Topical authority 

Social media lets you gain topical authority in your specific niche, which is important for your small business. The more consistent you get, the better are your chances of getting topical authority, which is essential to gain customer trust. If your topical authority is high, you will be considered an expert in the field, and even the search engines will recognize you and will draw more traffic to your websites based on search engine queries. 

8. Conversions 

You don't just need traffic on your website but actively paying customers too, and social media help in persuading potential clients to become active buyers. You can convert your social media audience to paying customers by:

• Adding a CTA button
• Contests, giveaways, and discounts
Email marketing 

Final Thoughts;-

No matter how small your budget for marketing, you can always opt for social media marketing. It is a powerful tool to market your product, services, or business for the least amount of money. The number of active users on social media is living proof of the potential that it has for businesses. Whether you have a Digital Marketing Services Agency or a small bakery, you can utilize social media marketing to achieve your marketing goals. The above mentioned were the 8 ways that you can benefit from social media.

Author bio:

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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