How Sports Betting Websites Gave Bingo a New Lease of Life

How Sports Betting Websites Gave Bingo a New Lease of Life
Bingo has been around for nearly 500 years but is a relatively new phenomenon in many African countries.
For example, the first bingo halls were not rolled out in South Africa until 2001 but the game has taken off, and there are now more than 30 bingo halls generating more than R85 million in taxes in the country. The game has also proved to be popular in many other African countries.

• Dip in popularity

But while bingo was getting a foothold in Africa, it was on its last legs elsewhere. In the United Kingdom, bingo was popular in the post-war years but by the 1990s, the number of new players was dwindling and the game earned a reputation for only being played by senior citizens. It was a similar story in the USA where bingo was seen as a game to be played in care homes or staged by churches and charities - despite the fact it was still being played in many casinos and bingo halls.

• The rise of online gaming

The decline in popularity of bingo also coincided with the golden age of home video gaming. As more people began to play games on consoles and online, activities such as bingo lost some appeal. Online gaming eventually paved the way for online casinos. Before the internet, casino games were played in purpose-built gaming establishments but new technology meant that by 1996, players were able to play these games online. A couple of years later, sports betting companies began to move online as well.

• A perfect match

By the mid-2000s, online gambling had grown to become a global phenomenon. Most sports betting and casino websites were still seen as separate entities but due to demand, bookmakers soon began adding casino sections to their websites and many casino websites began opening sportsbooks. The two just went hand in hand.
Today, anyone who wants to place a bet of any kind will find multiple betting options within a single website. So they can log into their favourite sports betting website and have access to sports betting, horse race betting, casinos, video slots and more.

• A new home for bingo

Originally, bingo was not a big feature of betting websites but now, you can play real money bingo games online at many well-known bookmakers, including Paddy Power. As a result, bingo has attracted a whole new audience and has finally shaken its staid and boring image. Online bingo games now feature popular themes such as the TV show Deal or No Deal and have the same look and feel as video slot games.

The game that began as a lottery for members of the public in 16th-century Italy has lived to fight another day thanks to its rebirth in an online format and its new-found popularity in Africa and beyond. In fact, the online revival has sparked new interest in bingo halls as well. In 2016, the UK saw its first new bingo venue in seven years open in Southampton. And in the same year, the Rebel Bingo nightclub was voted one of the top-10 alternative club nights in the UK. Similar venues have opened since proving that bingo is alive and well.
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