29+ Easiest Ways To Make Money Online 2020

29+ Easiest Ways To Make Money Online 2019
2020 is a very promising year, and with so many things associated with it, we no doubt really need finance to survive then.
One reason I love online jobs is that you can do them anywhere you like, anytime. I decided to publish this post, the easiest ways to make money online in 2020. The first title should have been, the fastest way to make money online 2020 but let's stick to this. Working ways to make money online in 2020 are not so different from previous years, but they need a refreshment. Making money online in Africa is very easy. One of the major issues we face in the internet career world is the issue of scams and scammers!

Remove scammers from the picture, and you will enjoy your internet career. Nevertheless, we cannot put them into consideration when working, or we remain broke for like. After publishing our article on the 25 killer ways to make money online as a beginner, we have gotten so many positive feedbacks and decided to write this for 2020. You have to first note that making money online in 2020 will not be that easy...hehe! It has never been easy, even for the gurus. However, with wisdom, it will be super easy for you. Just follow these our five killer guides, and you will be grateful you did. You can also visit our shop for so many life-changing e-books!

How To Make Money Online In 2020

If you want to make money online in 2020 successfully, you have to avoid things like:
- Shady investments: Forex, bitcoins, ponzi schemes and any other schemes that won't guarantee you get your returns are risky. I remember loosing my money to the UltimateCycler.com trend back then in 2016, and since then I never involved myself in any shady investments.
Truly once bitten, twice shy!
- Too-true-to-be-true investments: How many times have  you bumped into those landing pages promising you that they will turn in your first $3,000 in a month? Even on YouTube and other ad networks, they try earnestly yo get people invest in their stuff. I don't advise such, there's no place they share money online. A typical example is the Beeperbucks.com scam.
- Get paid to read news schemes: I'm not here to spoil your minds about them, but there're no guarantees such things wouldn't shut down anytime sooner. They make you share spammy links on your Facebook walls and still, send you off to referrals. They are more like a ponzi scheme, and without referring people, you rarely earn.
- Share links and get paid scams: Seriously, who shares money online? I once did those stuff sometime around 2015, and I confirmed they were scams. They request earnings button will either be a null link, or the landing pages will be black or blank. Some advanced ones will even ban you once you hit payout...scary!
- Never pay someone to get a job: Think first...! If they'd give me a job, why would they need me to pay? Forget about all these there competition's much and related bla bla bla, they are all to get your little hard earned and scarce money. No employer should ever need your money to get you a job, or else they are scam!
- Any other stuff you don't trust: Once you become suspicious of any stuff, the first you should do is a quick Google search. If the spam site is BeeperBucks.com, then you can search for 'BeeperBucks..com Scam'. Forget about the positive reviews, most times they could be staged and go for the negative ones. The truth lie in there. Once you hit a negative review, and another, and another, then you do not need Clifford to tell you to runnnn!

What Are The Best Ways To Make Money Online In 2020?

These are the easiest ways to make money online in Africa. Make money online in 2020 no matter your country - Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Togo, South Africa or any other country, it is very easy and fast if you play your cards well.
Keep reading!
  • Blogging: If you have been following us, you would have heard us ring this as a bell times without number. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2020, and if you play your cards well, you will be grateful for the day you launched your first blog.
    If you need the easiest guide on how to start making $2,000+ monthly as an African blogger, please refer to this post. There are so many ways to make money from your blog, and a few of them include affiliate marketing, selling of products and services, ad networks and many others. You can also sign up for ValuedVoice.comIzea.comBlagDash.com and start making money from your blog.
    What does it take you to start blogging? Just a domain name and hosting plan from BlueHost.com or WhoGoHost.com and you are good to go. You can also check out this article on all you need to know about blogging in 5 easy steps, I'm pretty sure it will be of great help to you! Some of the successful blogs in Nigeria include Naijaloaded.com, Lifestylenaija.com.ng, Ogbongeblog.com, Mazinoweb.com, Nobleloaded.com and Prospernoah.com.
  • Vlogging: Vlogging hasn't always been there from the beginning, but as YouTube came into the scene, it came in with it. Vlogging is the better word for saying Video Blogging. YouTube is now like a search engine, and almost everything you need from Google can be gotten on this giant video hosting website, at east excepting the adult stuff. We have earlier published an article on how you can start turning in $2,000+ monthly from vlogging and you can check it out. It is true that Google is always developing policies to make this platform more difficult for YouTubers, but with hardwork and enough finance, you can step up to the top.
  • Make money from mobile apps: I'm pretty sure you have a lot of apps in your mobile phone, and you are wondering how the app launchers make money from them. The truth is that except Wikipedia.org and a few other non-profit websites heavily funded by some bigger heads, every other website out there is there to make money. You can create your android apps and monetize them with AdMob or any other ad networks for mobile apps.
  • Freelance writing: Freelance writing is another chief way to make money online in 2020. With over 100,000 sites and clients out there ready to pay you, you no doubt have no issues making a full living from this. You can even sign up for BlastingNews.com, Fiverr.com and other sites that can help you get clients for yourself as a freelancer. BlastingNews.com pays you $3 for every article you publish and claim you can make up to $200 per article. I haven't made up to that, but it is not a guarantee you wouldn't. You can even check out these 20 top websites that pay freelancers immediately. You can also check out my guide on how to start making $2000+ monthly as a freelance writer.
  • Graphics designing: If you are a badas* graphics designer (pardon me for that word), then what are you wasting time for? You can start making designs for people and getting paid today. There are so many websites and clients out there ready to pay you to you to make simple designs for them and they pay anything above $5 per design. If you are yet to start, then you can consider using any of these top 11 free graphics design software.
  • Publishing books online: I love to publish online because they have a zero cost of printing, and you can deliver to anybody, anywhere in the world and anytime. You can write on any niche you find interesting - fictions, non-fictions, motivational, tragedy, comedy and self-help books. After writing them, you simply upload them to a site like Sellfy.com and send your visitors to go pay and download them from there. They will help you collect your money and pay you at a particular time of the month or as agreed.
  • App creation: If you are good in programming, and can launch an app, then there is always a ready market for you. I don't mean building an app with all these exploiting Android app builders like AppGeyser, I mean from scratch. You can get yourself clients from sites like Nairaland.com and Fiverr.com
  • Create designs and get paid for them: If you are a good graphics designer, then you should get paid good. You can create designs for cups, plates, shirts and other items and get paid for them. Sign up for SpreadShirt.com today to get started!
  • Internet marketing: Internet marketing is a very broad topic, and you can not cover even 40% of it. it involves the selling of goods and services like we normally do, but this time online. Thanks to some sites like Shopify.com and Sellfy.com, it is now so easy to do. Sellfy.com will help you host your music, videos and e-books, then when people purchase them, they pay you and take a very little percentage. You can even upgrade to the pro version to cut the charges off very well.
  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is another killer way to make money online as an African. With affiliate marketing, you simply refer and generate sells to services and products and earn remunerations and commissions. You can make as much as $50 from a single product and as low as $1.25, depending on the product in question. Some affiliate programs you need to put into consideration as an African include the Etisalat Affiliate Programthe Glo Affiliate Programthe GTBank Affiliate Programthe NairaBET Affiliate, the Domainking Affiliate Program and the Whogohost Affiliate.
  • Dropshipping: Dropshipping is also another trend in the internet career world, and involves buying and reselling or products online, without getting to see the products. It is a very lucrative business and you can do it from any part of the world, targeting anywhere you like. We have written a good article on the dropshipping business and you may need to check it out!
  • Domain and website flipping: You can purchase a domain name, create a website and sell them off after building them. There are a few things you need to put into consideration before you can successfully sell the website, such as Alexa ranking, domain authority, page authority and daily organic traffic. The better these stats, the better you will sell the website. In the case of your domain name flipping, most people consider the domain authority and number of backlinks more. Some also go as far as checking your spam score. You can see more about domain flipping here.
  • Social media managing: You can make money online creating social media pages and managing for other people and companies. If you are good in creating engaging content, then that will not be a problem for you. Even if you don't get a job, you can also join a site like ValuedVoice.com and Izea.com and they will help you get ads on your social media handles. If you are a good user of the Nairaland forum, then you need to see these 10 killer ways to make money from the site. It's time to stop spending time there if you never make a dime from them!
  • Teaching online: There are so many foreign students who their parents for some reasons prefer to get them virtual teachers rather than send them to a school. This act is more common in the United States and the other developed parts of the world, where they have access to fast and affordable internet services. Nevertheless, they need tutors from all over the world and you can queue in. You get paid per hour and all you need is a good modem or other internet sources, a microphone and a webcam. You can start making money from this. An example of such site is the Teach Away.
  • Do typing jobs online: Most of the typing jobs I have come across are scam, but there are also a lot of real ones. To survive in this industry, you need to have a crazy good typing speed and you must be able to deliver on time. Most of the clients will require you transcribe audio articles and podcasts, and that job may look easy, but it surely is not. However, with a good earpiece or headphone, you can be a step ahead in the career and with fast delivery, turn in better reviews and more clients to yourself.
  • Translation and language interpreting jobs online: You can also start making money online by interpreting articles from one language to another. Language translation apps are not usually accurate, so remove that from your mind. You have to be considerably good in the two languages to provide your clients with error free outputs.
  • Sell your photos online: There are so many websites where you can sell your good photos online and make some money for yourself. If you are a photographer, or someone who has access to a good camera, then you can begin to take your own photos for some commissions and remunerations. You can even become a model...Lol! Aside taking photos of yourself, you can snap flowers, churches, houses, streets and anything, virtually any photo can make you money. One of the most popular websites to sell your photos online is shutterstock.com, but we have also listed over 40 other similar sites.
  • Listing hostels for cash: If you are a Nigerian student, or stay somewhere close to a Nigerian hostel, then this could be goodnews for you. You can now take photos of students' hostels and lodges around you and make money from that. It is 100% free to join and you could be making close to ₦20,000 monthly. Please see more about them here. You can as well join here!
  • By becoming an online housing agent: Aside making money from listing hostels in Nigeria, you can as well make money online by becoming an online housing agent. It doesn't need much, just signing up with some of the online websites offering the service. Some of them include Tolet.com, Jumiahouse.com and Privateproperty.com.
  • Do product reviews: There are so many businesses out there ready to pay you to do product reviews for them. You can get many of these clients on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Aside these, Izea is also another website for getting yourself clients.
  • Do software reviews: You can now get paid to do software reviews. One of such offers was the UTest, which was very popular around August, 2018. However, their platform closed up and another came, Capterra.com. Capterra will pay you $10 Amazon gift card for every review you publish on their site, up to 10 reviews. I have redeemed my own Amazon gift card and confirmed that it is 100% legit. You too can join now!
  • Take online surveys and make money from them: You can as well take online surveys and make money from them. Some of these big companies pay survey agencies to find out how your health is, your relationship life, your hobbies and of course how you use their products. One of such websites is Savvy Connect and you can also see a lot more of them here. On average, the surveys don't take you more than 5 minutes and you could be making $1 per successful survey.
  • Do website testing: Some websites such as User Testing and Enroll App will pay you to test out their clients websites and give reviews. They are looking for honest user reviews, whether negative or positive and you can make as much as $20 an hour. Join any of them today and begin to make money online!
  • Do app testing: Aside writing reviews for Capterra.com, you can also test software for UserTesting.com and make money online. All you need is a good pc or mobile phone, fitting the requirements and you can start making money from this. Some of these offers are funded by software creators to help them get feedbacks on the functionality of their apps and software before launching it for the consumption of the public.
  • Make videos for people: This is also a form of freelance writing, but this time around you get paid for creating videos. To be successful with this, you need an awesome whiteboard video making software, and a good one could go for $24 a month for the basic plan. A single video you create could fetch you as low as $10 and as high as $500, depending on the clients in question and you can get clients from Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland and so many other websites.
  • Do voice overs for people: If you have a good voice, you can do voice overs for people and make money online. Some clients need specifically female voices, some need male voices while the others can take anyone. To do this, you have to be a smart English speaker and be very confident over the microphone. Some recent offers even require you use your face to run their promotions and they pay you for that. Depending on your clients' demographics and needs, they could require you be a black or white to partake in the offers.
  • Become a virtual assistant: If you are good in marketing, then you could pass for a successful virtual assistant. There are tons of clients and companies out there ready to pay you to handle their customers and depending on the company in question, it could be a full time based job. You can get some of them from Fiverr and other job boards. All you need is a fast internet so you don't waste your clients' customers' time unnecessarily, most of them are usually impatient.
  • Make money shortening urls: You can get paid to shorten urls, yea! You will sign up for any of the websites that pay for this [there are many here], shorten urls, share them and get paid. They will display 5 seconds of ads in between the links and the more traffic you send back, the more money you make. Some also pay better for some locations, and tier 1 countries are always their favourite.
  • Get paid to use social networking sites: A social network like Peptribe.info will give you some remunerations in the form of redeemable coins to be active on their site. We have written a review of them and you can check it out. You can add friends, chat, create and join groups and pages and do almost everything else you do on Facebook here. It's really fun with them!
You have seen our over 29 ways to make money online in 2020, and I'm sure you can't do all. It is all left to you to play your cards well, for a better financial you. Most of these methods pay via Payoneer and I suggest you create an account now, moreover they have a free $25 sign up bonus. It is 100% free and you will get a free MasterCard which you can use everywhere.

If you want to start a successful internet business, then you can check out this article on how to triple your net worth with blogging in 6 months. You can also visit our shop for life-changing self-help e-books and contact us to help you personally!
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