Exclusive Guide On How To Get Signed To DMW Record Labels

Exclusive Guide On How To Get Signed To DMW Record Labels

In this article, we'll be seeing some steps on how you can get signed to the Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) record label. DMW is no doubt, home to Africa's biggest superstars, ranging from Davido to Mayorkun, Peruzzi and others. The dream of every upcoming Nigerian artiste is to get a record deal with a good label, especially one as big as DMW that is capable of giving you the desired exposure.

To be honest, getting a record deal isn't a child's play, you require to go extra. Most of the singers that have been linked to big labels all have their unique stories to tell. While some could ve described as luck, many others had to submit their songs to their bosses through different means.

Nevertheless, you can create your own luck by doing your part of the game. Before we proceed with the article proper, I'd want us to understand that this isn't a script or compass to get you a DMW deal (no one has the script). Rather, it is an exclusive guide that will help you get the desired exposure and possibly, record deal. It is not written exclusively for DMW, you can still apply the formulae to other labels in Nigeria.

How To Get Signed To DMW Record Labels

You've got the talent, getting a record deal shouldn't be an issue. The steps below will guide you on how to get a DMW record deal:
• Hit the studio if you don't have a song already
• Follow Davido on Instagram and Twitter (he doesn't joke with his social media handles, I even heard he met Mayorkun on Twiter)
• Like and comment on his posts like a true fan
• Send him direct messages with links to your songs, letting him know you're interested in joining his label
• Sing covers of (Davido's) songs (this will help give you an advantage over other upcoming singers)
• Keep promoting your songs like an independent artiste until you get noticed. You might not eventually get a DMW deal, but believe me, with hard work and consistency, you'll get somewhere in the entertainment industry
• There are many platforms where you can upload your songs for better reach, try checking them out. You can also publish your biography online, it doesn't just give you an edge over the other competitors, but also helps you appear in Google search results. This will make any good record label believe you're ready for the music business.
• Finally, submit your song on plugng.com for distribution. You'll be required to provide; artist name, your email, song title, song and artwork.

Going through the DMW Record Label Talent Manager

What if Davido doesn't get to notice you? You know, it takes special grace to get someone with over 30 million followers to read your message. God a thing, he already has someone handling every managerial/administrative duty involving Davido and the entire record label, including talent discovery/recruitment.

This explains why Asa Asika has a significant influence on who gets signed to the label and who doesn’t get signed.

Just like you followed Davido, I'd also suggest your follow Asa Asika. he has the greater chance of noticing you and reading your message(s). You can send him messages containing links to your songs. As usual, remember you're not the only person sending him a message, so don't get sad when you don't get a reply from him.

DMW Contact

We won't be posting Davido's personal details, but you can contact him (and/or DMW) through any of the channels below:
DMW CEO’s websiteiamdavido.com
• Email: [email protected]
DMW CEO’s Instagram handle: @Davido
DMW CEO’s Twitter handle: @Davido
DMW Talent Manager’s Instagram handle: @AsaAsika
DMW Talent Manager’s Twitter handle: @AsaAsika

That's all for today, I hope this article helps you connect you to your dream label. Before we call it a day, you can also check out our previous article on 20+ record labels in Nigeria looking for artists and their contact.

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