How To Promote A Song In The Nigerian Music Industry

How To Promote A Song In The Nigerian Music Industry
The Nigerian music industry is one of the highest in Africa with a lot of good artists, producers, djs, record labels and of course, a ready market of music lovers.
Becoming successful in the Nigerian music can be equated to becoming successful as a medical doctor in Nigeria...lol. Don't mind me, I'm just trying to say that the music industry requires much hard work as needed to survive in a Nigerian medical school.
It affects every part of your life, your sleep, the food you eat, the friends you keep, the places you visit, your time andabove all, your pocket.
Looking at the list of music promotion companies in Nigeria, you'll find out that an average upcoming artist can barely afford the cheapest of them. The Nigerian music promoters charge so much that you begin to wonder if the music will actually pay off so soon, but it's actually easy to make money as a musician.
There are many Nigerian sites to promote and post music, and you can see some other clouds where you can post your music for free if your budget is low.

How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Song In Nigeria

There is no fixed price for promoting music in Nigeria as it varies with the promoter. You can hire us to upload your music to over 30 popular websites, Nigerian and abroad. Our prices are very flexible and considerate.
Looking for how to make it in Nigerian music industry, there are also numerous websites that you can contact to upload your music. Many of them charge different prices ranging from N5,000 to N50,000 and atimes, higher.
You should also consider hiring Instagram, Twitter and Facebook famous figures to run a quick tweet or post for your music. This will help you get more fans and followers to your personal account.
So many people are also looking for how to promote gospel music in Nigeria, well they are still the same with the secular ones, just a little change of audience. The same people who play the secular music play the gospel ones, except that some gospel artists make their music sound boring and uninteresting.

7 Best Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria

There are many strategies you need to embrace as a music artist in order to hit the fame. The Nigerian music industry is becoming more than a normal entertainment industry, it's now taken as a big business and more business firm are picking interest in it.
Many Nigerian artists are becoming brand ambassadors, for example, Davido has gottn an endorsement deal with Infinix and Pepsi, Wizkid is a Nike ambassador, Mr P is an Olympic Milk ambassador, Olamide Ciroc ambassador and many more. Being a brand's ambassador is worth a lot of money and comes with so many awesome benefits.
Some fashion companies would even give you their clothes just to snap and mention them on Instagram or Twitter.
All these achievements can never be possible if the artists didn't promote their songs. So let's check out some of the amazing ways of promoting your music as a Nigerian artist:

- Use your social media handles

We included this as the first in the list because of the fact that it's probably the easiest to create. Creating an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is very easy and of course, FREE. However, the main issue lies on how to get good social media followers as an upcoming artist.
Many Nigerian artists buy followers to increase their social profile but at the end of the day, you'll see the number of followers reduce gradually. One of my celebrity friends once bought Twitter followers of more than 50,000, but after a few months his number of followers dropped to 8,000. This is not the worst, and not the only one I've seen.
Another disadvantage of buying followers is that you'll have inactive followers, they are not really your fans. Instead of increasing your social status by purchasing fake followers, it's advisable to buy shout-outs from already popular account. Although it might be more expensive, you can buy a thousand fake followers for a low as $1 but you can never buy a shout out for that, but the outcome will show the results. If you want to grow your twitter followers, check out this tips that helped us increase our followers to more than 10,000 in less than a year.
In the case of Instagram, getting good Instagram followers is not a hard task, I'm not a regular Instagram user because Twitter is a good source of traffic to me but Instagram doesn't support sharing of links. But to become popular on Instagram, you need to be consistent and also follow trends. Hash-tags also do very well for getting comments, likes, views and new followers. Instagram is also one of the easiest platforms for celebrities' accounts to become verified because they recently started allowing people to submit verification requests.
In general, getting good social media followers requires that you remain consistent and serve your audience with great engaging posts. Also, you need to follow trends, use hash-tags and share other people's posts. That way, they'll reciprocate and the both of you will be exposed to newer audiences.

- Reach out to music blogs

Getting your song on music blogs is not free in many cases so you should be ready to pay in case the site owners requests for a fee. They'll help you get your music to thousands and millions of new people who will later turn out to become your fans someday.
Apart from these,you can also contact the site owners for interviews and I bet they won't reject in most cases. Some of the biographies posted on this website were requested from us by the individuals, in other words, many of them are autobiographies. SO if you are an artist, entrepreneur, blogger, fashion designer you have any other profession and you are looking for a platform to feature you, feel free to contact us. However, this is not a music download website, but we can grant you side banner ads for your new music.

- Make use of live music promotions

This is another great way of making money as a musician and if you are signed to a record label, they can help you do that easily. You can organize shows and concerts, have fun, entertain the crowds and raise some money from tickets and sponsors. You can contact some brands that will be interested to come and advertise during the show, they will in turn, pay you some money.
Live shows and concerts are amazing ways of growing your fan base in the local level, and of course it really matters. I never knew DJ Neptune until I attended a show that he performed, I was so thrilled that I later met him after the show for a photo shoot which he agreed.

- Offer your songs for free downloads

One problem in the Nigerian entertainment circle is that Nigerians generally don't buy music online. They wait for the songs to be uploaded to the many music download websites before they can get it unlike the Americans. An average American youth will support an artist by buying his or her song from iTunes or any other cloud.
Also, uploading your music to YouTube is a great way of making it to reach a wider audience. As an upcoming artist, I won't advise you to disable embedding of your video as this will prevent the music blogs from carrying it.

- Promote your music with emails

You should have a good email list of your fans, this will be helpful in contacting them and updating them with your latest gist. Every good artist should have an official website, a form for people to sign up to your email list, a good software for sending the email and of course, your fans' emails.
With the email lists, you can update them on your new music, albums, concerts or tours. Also, you can decide to sell branded t-shirts to your fans and believe me if they love it, they'l buy it. Wizkid's branded t-shirts were recently sold out in less than 10 minutes after being released for sales, this is to show you how good your fans can be.
However, buying email lists is unethical and you shouldn't do it. It's best to send people emails with their permissions to avoid your mails being caught up in their spam folders.

- Collaborate with other musicians

Collaborations is another way of reaching new audiences. You can contact an artist for a collaboration through your management and if the deal goes well, the both of you will compose and release the music.
Collaboration is one of the fastest way of getting popular because you'll become exposed to a new group of people. You should include it in your plans if you really want to grow very fast.
In addition to this, sing covers of other musicians' songs and release to your Instagram or Facebook handles, the people that love the original song will in most cases, love yours.

- Share your music on free music promotion sites

There are many free music websites that you can you can use to get your songs in front of many people. Don't be lazy or shy away from getting your music on these sites because they're really essential. Many of their audiences are music lovers and if your genre is accepted by them, you'll in no time win a place in their hearts.

Becoming successful as a musician is not a very easy task, it requires a lot of hard work and extra task. No one will do it for you especially in your early stage. Try your best and when you eventually achieve the success, music websites will start struggling to have your song first on their platform and you'll start getting endorsement deals and nominations.
Just kep focused and believe in yourself.
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