20+ Places You Can Upload Your Audios To Get Better Audience

20+ Places You Can Upload Your Audios To Get Better Audience
After my last post on why you're not making money as a musician in Nigeria, some people were asking me for some sites where they can upload their music to reach out better audience, Nigeria and abroad and I have granted your requests.

Here are some places where you can upload your music, some are free, some have premium, some you sell your music there. You can even spend your time uploading to all to reach out a better audience. Remember that you must still need to promote the music because some of them only host the songs and also help your SEO.

1) BimbaBimba is a South African song lyrics site that recently started supporting audio uploads. You MUST include they lyrics of any works you upload there and they must be original or you might get them taken down. You also need to sign up to be able to submit your music and you can select if you want it to be downloadable. It is free to use and you can read more about them.

2) SoundCloud: I think you get 180 minutes for free on SoundCloud and they have up to 175 million monthly listeners. You can upgrade to pro for better services. Find out more on their site.

3) Vocaroo: You can also record your music life on Vocaroo. Maximum size for uploading is 50 mb and I wonder if your music can be heavier. Find out more about Vocaroo.

4) IndieSound: Wow...they also offer free promotion and they have over 20,000 Indie users according to them. I have not used it but I think it's worth trying out.

5) YouTube: What? Are you surprised? Well you better don't be. YouTube is the most popular video site in the world and also host your audios all free of charge. Why not upload it there today?

6) Last.fm: You can even earn royalties from your uploads, but that's not why we do it anyways, we wanna get noticed on the web. You can upload your music for free here.

7) Bandcamp: Many musicians host their music on this website and it is giving them satisfaction. Why not try them today? I believe it will be a good choice.

8) Facebook: Many don't know about this but that your stars you have known. All you do is to create a Facebook fan page for your band, visit the page and click “Edit Page” under the profile picture. Here you’ll find an application called “Music Player”. Click edit and start uploading.

9) Blip.fm: You can even become a DJ by "blipping" songs on this site. You will get noticed by their hundreds of thousands of users and get fame for yourself through music.

10) iTunes: It is owned by Apple Inc. and is also a great choice. You can even make money from your music on this site.

11) The Sixty One: It is a song hosting site where you either sell your works or offer them for free downloads. However most people stream life there and if you're not there, you can't be discovered there.

12) MySpace: This was the most popular social network until Facebook overthrew them, however they're trying to rebuild themselves now as a music site. You can upload your music there too.

13) Vimeo: Since YouTube can host your music, then Vimeo can. It is also a popular video and audio hosting site.

14) Google Play: It's true that Google Play receives less attention, however it's not wise that we ignore the music service of one of the world's most powerful companies. If you want your entire fanbase to have the ability to financially support your music, then you need a Google Play presence.

15) MyNotJustOk: This is a Nigerian music site where you can upload your music and get free downloads. It is most likely the most used in the country and is ok.

16) LiveFromNaija: You can also upload your music to this site and offer free downloads. It is a Nigerian website.

17) Reverb Nation: This is an old site and has been serving satisfactorily for a long time now. It is a great choice.

18) Audiomack: Very similar to SoundCloud, you can also see how many plays the audios are getting. It is a good music hosting site.

19) Tidal: Though still new, it's also a great choice. Indie musicians should check it out as well.

20) Your personal website: No matter where you host your music, it's not as your own website. You can hire us today to build you a very affordable website where you will get the best music download services all personalized and without any restrictions.


We have given the 20 as promised, now we have to give you some extra since the list never ends and we add as soon as we find more. If you need affordable but quick promotion for your misc, then hire us today for satisfactory services.

21) Spotify: Spotify has almost the same advantages with Pandora, but sadly share the same restrictions. To get your music listed on Spotify, it needs to be sold through one of their partner aggregators. The site is also only accessible in selected countries.

22) Pandora: This is very similar to Last.fm and also works with recommendations. It is US only and has some rules that make it difficult to be used.
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