Easiest Way To Make Money Online Shortening Url’s

Easiest Way To Make Money Online Shortening Url’s

Have you heard about shortening urls, or even used it once? I doubt if there is someone here who hasn’t shortened urls before, neither would there be someone who hadn’t shared links. So if you share links, then make some income from them. Practically everything on
this world is online, and everything online is money. Everyday billions of dollars fly high above the sky, above your head, but it takes a clever person to catch and bring them down. When you succeed in bringing them down, then you’re good to go, and to do this you must be informed.
Well, in talking about the shortening urls, today the examples I’ll use are the adi.ng and shorte.st. Adi.ng and shorte.st are my favorite, because they are the ones that have been given me what I want.
Easiest Way To Make Money Online Shortening Url’s
You can include the links in between your blog posts, in your Twitter, Facebook and other social networking posts. As you comment and post in forum, make sure to add them. Even as a blogger, you make sure to include them as you interlink your blog posts. You can even include them in between affiliate links which you share, and virtually everywhere. 

Even some other websites like auto-like sites use Adi.ng and other link-shorteners to monetize their sites, either fully or with the aid of another ad network. So no matter what you do, as far as sharing links is involved, then you shouldn’t let this free money pass you by.
The major problem with some of these shortened urls are that they have been banned so many places. 

Facebook and Twitter have marked some of them as scam, and you have lost the traffic from there. Even some forums like Nairaland have banned them. They are not marked as scam because they actually scam, but because some people have used them to share some harmful links previously. They are also shared aggressively and that makes the bots mark them as scam, after all what scam, sharing the same thing multiple times is. But despite all these, I have some good news. I have derived ways through which you can bypass these bots and get your links on these sites that have banned the links, while earning you the extra income you need.

Now let me tell you some pros and cons of these my two examples, then you choose one which you would sign up with. I’ll start with Adi.ng.

- Adi.ng

Adi.ng is one of my best link shorteners. They pay you into your bank account and if your country doesn't accept PayPal, then it's a great choice for you. No struggle, no hazzles, just share your blog posts and make money as people visit your site.
They pay directly into your bank account if you want that. Their rate per impression is $2 for every 1000 views and I guess that is pretty sweet. You can join them Adi.ng.
- Nice rate per impression
- Different methods of withdrawing your money
- Nice referral system
- Still new and so don't have many advertiser [you still make your money though]


Shorte.st is the second in my review. They are just like Adi.ng, but I don’t know if they accept adult links, even though I guess they will. If you want to share adult links, then you should give them a try. They also pay more than Adi.ng, they pay something like $10 for 1000 views and that’s pretty ok. 

It’s nice for monetizing your blog of course. It is a great alternative to Adi.ng and I personally use this. If you’re a blogger, you mightn’t even need to share this links, just a little convincing caption, and you send people clicking through your links. Now let’s look at the pros and cons. You can also earn as much as 20% for your referrals to them. You can join short.est by clicking here.

- Nice payment methods.
- Early payments, as soon as you reach the minimum payment thresh of $5.
- Nice referral system.
- Has been banned from Twitter.
- It has also been banned from Nairaland.
- You must reach the minimum payment to cash out.
Now that we have seen the review of these two sites, what is next?
I’ll teach you how to bypass bots and get your posts on the social networks that banned them. Remember I said that earlier, because how much would you earn If you don’t use Facebook and Twitter traffic? 

Even some forums like Nairaland have banned them and of course it isn’t that fair. How would the ban these wonderful sites because of some desperate people who want to make the money by all means? I don’t blame them though because some people just want to share the links madly, and they get reported to the site managers, while some are detected by the website bots.

No matter the reasons, we can’t do anything about them. The site managers said that they don’t want them, and that’s final, let’s device methods to bypass them.
The first method I got was to shorten the urls. You should shorten the shortened urls and post them, that way you’ll bypass the bots. 

The trick behind this is that before the site is detected, the receiver has received it. Now this method is effective for only direct messages, since Facebook and other social networking sites don’t have the right to delete your messages. I once added them to my Facebook page posts and got them deleted before I could return. So if you dm people affiliate links, then use this method.

Another method is to create a blog page. I host with blogger and here, we have choices of the pages we show and the once we don’t want to. You can create a blog page and include the shortened urls. While sharing the posts, you share them as normal links, or any way you choose. The page will be the landing page, and when people land, the see something like, “ARE YOU UP TO 18? IF YES, CLICK >>> HERE <<< TO CONTINUE”. You’ll use this if you’re sharing adult content. Now they’ll click yes [at least 90%] and the next landing page will be the shortened urls. Once the wait for the 5 seconds to elapse, then you’re good to go and the money is credited to you.

Apart from these, other sites that pay you to shorten urls include: 
linkbucks etc

If actually you found this post useful, kindly help us share it, it will help more people reach out on us. You can drop a comment if you have any queries or suggestions. Thanks and I wish you goodluck.

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