Google+ To Shut Down 2nd April, 2019 | Secure Your Data Now!

Google+ To Shut Down 2nd April, 2019
Google released some information late 2018 concerning the shutting down of their 'failed' social network, Google+.
According to some reliable sources, on average users don't spend a minute per day on the site and as well, there were recent reports on some breaches of data.
Well, Google has confirmed the reports to be true as they emailed their Google+ users to download their data and secure any other necessary information before the 2nd of April, 2019 because they would be shutting down the services.

Here's my own copy of the email:
Well, thanks for the early information. If you have any photos, videos, documents and so on you'd need to save, please do that now.
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Image Credit: Android Police
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